mtu Drive Shaft Product Center Received Volvo Q1 2002 Award

Posted on April 04, 2003

Excellent rating for high product quality and flawless processes

Excellent rating for high product quality and flawless processes

On March 20, 2003, Jan Sundquist, Volvo quality engineer, presented the Q1 2002 Award to members of the Drive Shaft Product Center and Quality Management. With this award, the Swedish automobile manufacturer, a member of the Ford group, honors suppliers who always provide high product quality, whose processes are perfectly adapted to customer requirements and whose product quality is also appreciated by the end user.

Handing over a Q1 flag and a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion, Jan Sundquist emphasized that it was no matter of course to receive this award. "Although we are working hard on bringing all our suppliers up to this quality level, we have not quite succeeded yet, unfortunately. This is why this award should be an incentive not only for the company honored with it but also for other suppliers." Only the best eight of Volvo´s suppliers receive the award, which enjoys an excellent reputation among automotive manufacturers as well as suppliers worldwide.

As part of the selection process, Volvo quality engineers audited the complete product center in February 2002. Among the basic prerequisites for eligibility for the Q1 2002 Award are the QS 9000 and ISO 14001 certifications as well as troublefree supply to the assembly site. Every six months, the supplier himself executes a reassessment based on the customer´s criteria.

The first drive shafts which our product center delivered to Volvo in 1997 were for the V 70. Today, applications range from the passenger car models XC 70, S 60 and S 80 to the SUV Cross Country XC 90.