Posted on February 08, 2018

Rolls-Royce will showcase the complete mtu Series 2000 yacht engine family at the Miami Yacht Show, Feb. 15 – 19, 2018.

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  • Display to include 10V, 12V and 16V configurations of the mtu Series 2000 M96L with a power range of 1,361 to 2,600 bhp
  • Updated mtu Joystick Control System caters to kite fishermen with a new Heading Hold function

NOVI, MICHIGAN – Rolls-Royce will showcase the complete mtu Series 2000 yacht engine family at the Miami Yacht Show, Feb. 15 – 19, 2018. Located in [BG 300 Ramp 3], mtu’s booth will highlight the full range of Series 2000 M96L EPA T3R engine configurations – the 10V, 12V and 16V – as well as the updated Joystick Control System, which now features Heading Hold capability. This new functionality caters to kite fishermen requiring a controlled boat drift for natural bait presentation.

Premium Yacht Service

mtu’s Premium Yacht Service (PYS), is a comprehensive range of products and services designed to ensure optimal performance for the entire service life of the engines. With PYS, yacht owners can focus on their next big catch, not the maintenance of their engines. Premium Yacht Service options include Extended Propulsion Coverage warranty (EPC), complimentary onboard familiarization, professional hands on Captain training and more. Assistance is fast, reliable, and customized to the needs of yacht owners.   

Free Inspection

During the show, mtu will also offer a special discount voucher valid for a complimentary visual inspection of your mtu engines, dock side test run, and more. Upon completing the inspection, participants will also receive a 10 percent discount on Extended Propulsion Coverage and a 5 percent discount on mtu filters, oils, coolants and genuine OEM parts. Full details will be available during the show from booth staff members.

The mtu Series 2000 M96L engine configurations

The M96L features impressive acceleration as well as quiet operation and low fuel consumption. The 10V configuration delivers 1,361 to 1,600 bhp, meeting the requirements of the EPA Tier 3 emissions standard for recreational craft.

The 12-cylinder and 16-cylinder versions offer power ranges from 1,700 to 1,920 bhp and 2,185 to 2,600 bhp, respectively. Thanks to their marine-specific design and compact dimensions, mtu engines offer exceptional power-to-weight ratios and continue to rank among the industry’s most cutting-edge yacht propulsion systems.

Blue Vision New Generation

mtu’s Blue Vision New Generation (BVNG) features integrated start-stop control, standard shipyard interface and standard color displays. The straightforward system installs with ease through the use of simple harnessing.

mtu’s Joystick System is a fully integrated option of BVNG. It’s designed especially for the pleasure craft market and offers:
  • Intuitive maneuverability – complex maneuvers are made more convenient by automatically and cleverly managing all the propulsion and thruster systems.
  • Thruster compatibility – wide range of electronic or hydraulic OEM supplied thruster units; proportional control capability; joystick operating mode for thruster only control.
  • Station Hold – automatically holds both position and heading with a sophisticated GPS-based system.
  • Heading Hold – New joystick operating mode which maintains vessel heading while allowing the vessel to drift naturally – ideal for kite fishing use.

mtu Pininfarina Series

Combining Italian beauty and German engineering prowess, the mtu Pininfarina Series is a new design option available for the BlueVision New Generation automation system.

This new design line from Italian master designer Pininfarina features four bridge components: a control lever for clutch and engine speed control which is shaped like an engine rod; a tableau panel for engine control; a high-resolution touch display for monitoring of the propulsion plant; and analog instruments for engine speed, pressure and temperature.
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