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Oil or nothing

Posted on 24 November 2015 by Jason Schrader, Images by MTU

Our engine oils provide vital protection and help keep operating conditions optimal, ensuring maximum power and torque.

Superior design and top-quality materials give MTU engines an edge in harsh environments, but proper maintenance keeps them powering forward. Engine oils provide vital protection and help keep operating conditions optimal, ensuring maximum power and torque no matter what the world has in store.
In the business world, when a job is important, you can expect a fairly lengthy recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. MTU approaches the selection and approval process for engine oil in a similar way.

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine. It reduces friction by lubricating the engine’s moving parts and helping to remove unwanted particles by capturing and transporting them to the filter— but that’s not where the work ends. It also helps prevent overheating by cooling the pistons and limiting blowby—the leaking of combustion gasses into the crankcase—by sealing the gap between the cylinder and liner wall.

Choosing the right oil for an engine depends on several factors such as power output, heat generation, application, planned usage and whether the crankcase is open or closed. The consequences of choosing the wrong oil are significant—ranging from compromising an engine’s performance to shortening its life and potentially voiding the warranty.

ValueSpares engine oils are designed to optimize engine efficiency and protect against corrosion and harmful wear based on how an engine will be used in the field. They’re selected based on their ability to provide outstanding piston cleanliness, even under extreme conditions. Their exceptional thermal stability and consumption control keeps the viscosity of the oil consistent and reduces shearing— even in the most severe applications. Special anticorrosive additives protect the engine from grid and surface breakup, while dispersants and detergents collect abrasive microscopic particles and soot to be removed by the filter.

When choosing the right oil for your MTU engine, you’ll have a hard time finding a stronger résumé than ValueSpares.

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