These are the challenges that keep us going.

The engine of the future is green, low-emissions, and sustainable. The same applies to mobility concepts just as it does to energy supply. Development is progressing in leaps and bounds. We are leading the pack and expanding into new areas of business to become a provider of fully integrated solutions. As part of this, we are looking for pioneers, contributors, and especially initiators to take on tasks in these areas:


Microgrids are smart, ultramodern alternatives when a stable and reliable power supply is required. An on-grid or off-grid solution, microgrids ensure supply, for example, for distant regions or for ongoing demand from commercial consumers, even during peak loads. Microgrids combine a number of different energy sources, including renewable ones. Intelligent controls guarantee the greatest possible security for supply, which can be delivered sustainably and inexpensively. With our compact propulsion systems and high-performance gas and diesel engines, we are securing ourselves key competitive advantages in this market of the future.

To develop this market further, we are seeking curious and goal-driven contributors who don’t mind putting in a bit of elbow grease.
For example, they can be:

  • Software developers
  • System architects
  • Test and calculation engineers for energy systems

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Hybrid Marine / Rail

We are consistently transferring the experience we have gained from developing a hybrid powerpack for railcars to other fields of application, with a modular series system kit for mobile applications in marine, rail, and industrial being our goal. This will help us meet modern emissions requirements as well as customer demand for a supplier of integrated systems. Even today, we are already developing from being a highly competent engine supplier to an innovative, broad-based supplier of systems and solutions.

For this transformation process, we need enthusiastic, flexible, motivated employees, for example:

  • Development engineers (for energy storage, electrical machinery, power electronics, and automation)
  • System architects (for marine and rail propulsion systems)
  • Software developers (for automation systems)
  • Test engineers (for components and fully integrated systems)

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Marine Control Boards/Automation

Our control board technologies are recognized around the world and used on civil as well as military ships. We are presently in challenging stages of development and consultation for a new generation of systems. In close partnership with discerning customers and application engineers, we will create an innovative, scalable automation system over the coming years to underscore our strong position in the marine market.

We are looking for experts for extremely diverse tasks requiring a high level of responsibility, including for:

  • Ethernet-based fieldbus communication for development processes (V-model)
  • Subproject managers for embedded software
  • System architects and developers for SCADA systems, IEC61131-3 (SPS), and C++ (Linux/QNX)

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Engine Control/Electronics Development

We develop tailor-made electronics solutions for a broad range of applications. Our contribution can be found in the most varied of engines, coupled with the most varied of tasks: Highly intelligent systems that we conceive, program, and realize in close partnership with our stakeholders inside and outside electronics development. Depending on the focus, we integrate and carefully train new employees in specialist teams so that they can subsequently take on complete work packages independently.

We are currently looking for:

  • Engineers for electrical systems
  • Hardware developers with the following specializations:
    • Embedded Systems
    • Selection and qualification of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products  
  • Software developers with the following specializations:
    • Embedded Systeme
    • Diagnosis (employees with project management skills also desired)
    • Data logistics (computer science also desired)
    • Embedded software (particularly at specification level)
    • Control technology

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