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We are known for our outstanding diesel and gas engines as well as our gensets for distributed energy supply. We are currently in the midst of a transformation from being a component manufacturer to a solution provider and, in future, will provide entire system packages for autonomous or connected energy systems.

Starting as a student

Would you like to put your knowledge into practice while you are still studying? Put your skills to use where you can set something in motion! We offer you appealing options that allow you to gather valuable practical experience:

  • Internships during your studies
  • Student jobs
  • Thesis projects

Whatever your field -- you are guaranteed to find the right area to work in at Rolls Royce Power Systems:

  • Research and development
  • Controlling
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • After sales
  • Quality management
  • Human resources
  • Purchasing
  • Communications
  • Logistics
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Assembly
  • Corporate development

You can find current job openings on our online Job Board.

Student intership

For students, internships are decisive for improving their resumes and making first professional contacts. With an internship, you will experience what drives a leader in international markets.

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Internship abroad: Explore new territory!
All around the world, wherever something is moving, we are there -- and we invite you to come too. You'll gain valuable personal and professional experience with an internship at one of our international locations.

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Student jobs: fill your resume and your bank account

A student job combines all the advantages of an internship with the benefits of a part-time job: You obtain your first vocational experience, make valuable contacts and benefit from attractive compensation -- without having to take a break from your studies.

You can look forward to direct insights into the corporate area of your choice, intensive give-and-take with experienced technicians and managers, and the chance to build up your network of contacts.

Required skills and qualifications:

  • Advanced stage of studies
  • Long-term commitment (at least four months)
  • Motivation and readiness to perform at a high level

During the semester you can work for us for up to 15 hours, between semesters up to 35 hours. You can find additional information on the application, on documents needed and on prerequisites on our  Student Internship  page in the  Other things you should know  section.

You can find current job openings here:

Thesis projects: We have the material for your future

Whether it’s a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or diploma project -- there are always exciting topics to be investigated in our company’s wide range of areas. You supply the ideas and motivation, and we’ll support you as you work on your thesis.

Our departments will support you in designing your project, give you expert feedback and make sure that you have access to optimal resources when carrying out your project. In addition, we offer you attractive compensation and a chance to make valuable contacts -- so that your grand finale at the university becomes a successful prelude to the start of your career.

You can find current job openings here:

Are you a student who would like to apply for one of the options we've described?

Are you a student who would like to apply for one of the options we've described?

Then please send us the following documents:

  • A cover letter and resume (in English for internships abroad)
  • Current grade report
  • Final high school transcript
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • Training or internship documentation (if available)
  • Application photo (if you wish)

You can find additional information on the application, on documents needed and on prerequisites in our  FAQ area.

*We are naturally referring to people of all genders whenever we talk about employees, colleagues, students or graduates.