A student internship at Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Would you like to put your theoretical knowledge into practice while you are still studying? Then do a student internship at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. Whether it’s engineering or business administration -- we give students exciting insights into a wide range of areas at our company.

Internship abroad
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Would you like to experience what drives an internationally active market leader? Your internship at Rolls-Royce Power Systems will give you an opportunity to do that. You will be involved in innovative projects or gain in-depth insight into daily operations in specific areas of the company. You will also receive attractive compensation from us as well as an opportunity to build up a network of personal contacts early on.

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Internship abroad

Come do an internship at one of Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ international locations. During your six-month period of work you will have the opportunity to get to know other cultures while obtaining extensive insights into the company. We take off for the U.S., Australia, Great Britain or Singapore twice a year (in March and September).
Our prerequisites: You have completed your basic course of studies -- for example in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering or business administration -- have good English language skills and are open to new experiences.

The positions are published on our website six months before they start.
Please apply six months prior to the starting date.

You can find current job openings here

How can I apply?

Please apply only via our online Job Board.


Do I have to be enrolled?

The prerequisite for an internship at our company is valid matriculation for the entire period of employment.

For a pre-internship, we need acceptance notification from you or confirmation of receipt from the college or university.

What documents do I need for my application?

Please have the following documents on hand for your application: Cover letter, resume, current grade report, matriculation certification, training and internship documentation (if available), final transcript. If you are applying for an internship abroad we also need the cover letter and resume in English.

Please submit the following documents when applying for a pre-internship: Letter describing your motivation, resume, acceptance notification or confirmation of receipt from the college or university, training and internship documentation (if available), most recent school grade report.

Are unsolicited applications accepted?

Please only apply directly for a position. You can find all currently open positions on our online Job Board.

Is the job listed still available?

The job openings listed on our website are always current. As soon as a position is filled, the posting is removed from the website.

Is it possible to submit multiple applications?

If you have found more than one interesting position here, you are welcome to apply for up to five positions.

Are the start dates that are indicated firm?

The indicated start date is our preferred date, but this can be discussed during the interview. Please indicate your desired period of time in your cover letter.
Please note that the start dates and periods for internships abroad with our subsidiaries are fixed. 

Is it possible to do a shorter internship?

Our internships are mainly set up to last six months. However, you can also apply for them if you are only interested in three months. We will then check whether it is possible to work for that period.
Please note that the start dates and periods for internships abroad with our subsidiaries are fixed.

What does the application phase for an internship abroad look like?

After successful submission of your online application, you will first receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via e-mail. In some cases, this e-mail may be in your spam folder. This often occurs with GMX and WEB email addresses in particular. Further contact is made by e-mail or phone. If your application looks promising, we will invite you to an interview.

What is the status of my application?

All applications are checked by human resources and the particular department involved. This may take a while. We will contact you as soon as we have selected an applicant.
The selection process for internships abroad takes place via the human resources department in Friedrichshafen. Because the interviews take place centrally, in Friedrichshafen, this takes a while.

Please call us only if you are under pressure to make a decision.

Can I still apply for an internship abroad after the end of the posting period?

You may still submit your application for an internship abroad even after the end of the posting period. We will take it into consideration if a position opens up.

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