Marine Automation

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Controlling the Power

We are one of the world’s leaders in propulsion and power generation systems for marine applications all over the world.

For us, being a systems supplier means taking complete care of our customer’s needs at any point of the lifecycle. Our key technologies in diesel engine development and manufacturing include:

Integrated Solutions


With our strong experience and in-depth knowledge of ship automation, we are now offering a fully integrated bridge solution.  mtu SmartBridge integrates all essential vessel control, monitoring and navigation sub-systems, wherever they are on board, into a single platform. Its functionalities therefore embrace not only the propulsion system, but vessel automation, power management, navigation and communication. By providing all relevant information to the captain in a single place, the new bridge solution enhances both user-friendliness and operational reliability.

mtu Callosum

Developed on the basis of many years of extensive naval experience and perfected by constant dialog with its users, mtu Callosum ensures that the technology works reliably in every situation.

Equipment Health Management System

mtu Equipment Health Management allows you to monitor - and have full control over - the technical condition of your vessel.

Standard Solutions

BlueVision_Advanced | NewGeneration

The modular system design allows for a flexible configuration: intelligent data technology ensures reliable data exchange and reduces the need for excessive cabling. Optimized interfaces between the propulsion and automation systems result in complete integrated solutions that guarantee security, efficiency and reliability – and all from one source. 

BlueVision_Basic | NewGeneration

The automation system for the drive system consists of monitoring control and remote control. It is configured by an engineering system and is connected via interfaces to the engine control system, the transmission system, the propulsion system and the auxiliary systems.   

BlueVision | classified

This automation system based on MCS-5 technology provides the most sophisticated and extensively developed solution. It is fully classifiable and easy to handle. A particular feature is the color monitor that provides an excellent overview of the ship’s propulsion.

BlueVision | non-classified

The plug and play system integrates a sophisticated color visualization just like the classified solution, but it is more complex. It has been designed for non-classified vessels with Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines that have one to four engine propulsion plants.


The standard automation system offers a comprehensive solution. It was specially developed for yachts by us in close cooperation with shipbuilders but is also used in service patrol vessels and workboats.

Genoline | NewGeneration

The new generation of mtu’s Genoline New Generation automation system is the further development of the proven Genoline system.


With the Genoline system, your engine and generator set are optimized to work at their best, whatever the operating conditions.   

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28 November 2016

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