Equipment Health Management System

mtu Equipment Health Management allows you to monitor - and have full control over - the technical condition of your vessel.

Equipment Health Management is an integral part of the mtu maintenance support system. It enables condition-based data to be received, measured, processed, analyzed and stored.

Stored data can also be displayed graphically, with this analyzed data being used to improve operational availability and optimize your maintenance costs.

Peak performance

24/7 maintenance support improves vessel availability.

Optimized lifecycle costs

Ability to conduct condition-based maintenance.

Early detection & identification of failures

Fault diagnosis includes fault tree analysis and 3D video animation.

Health monitoring

For all propulsion and electrical power generation systems.

Upgrades and features


Callosum_MT is a specialized tool enabling full control over the technical condition of your vessel. The current status of all systems is available any time you need it, whether you're on board or ashore. It provides 24/7 support for the maintenance and upkeep of your vessel and thus helps keep downtime to a minimum. The intelligent system guides you reliably and intuitively while using support tools (e.g. interactive maintenance schedule, alarm system and trending).

Callosum_MT supports in all types of maintenance:

  • Corrective maintenance - support in the event of failures
  • Preventive maintenance - load profile based digital maintenance schedules
  • Condition-based maintenance - evaluation of machinery condition using various analysis methods


Corrective Maintenance

The corrective maintenance module provides support when failures occur. The intelligent system guides you intuitively through the support tools. Benefits of the module include fault diagnosis, a direct link to the integrated online documentation, on-board personnel having access to in-depth, detailed failure analysis support when failures occur, detailed definition of remedial actions, and more. 

The maintenance schedule for mtu engines is based on the actual load profile. Using the Digital Maintenance Plan, you're able to adjust engine operation or the time between overhauls (TBO). The maintenance plan is based on operating hours and gives the user a complete overview of the mtu engines and monitored on-board equipment such as gearboxes and pumps.

Preventive Maintenance

Load profiles-based digital maintenance schedules and maintenance plans based on operating hours.

Digital Maintenance Plan

The Digital Maintenance Plan allows for continuous monitoring of upcoming maintenance jobs and helps the operator plan effectively. The user-friendly interface gives full support to the crew, while live data from the equipment enables you to get a clear overview of the ship's machinery status, any time you want it. The maintenance plan and user manuals in paper form can also be replaced by state-of-the    

Load Profile

Load Profile Analysis

One of the tools used for engine health assessment is Load Profile Analysis. By constantly monitoring the load profile, engine operation and maintenance schedules can be adjusted for optimum results.

The load profile uses data recorded in the engine control unit. Depending on the length of time spent in a particular load sector, a timestamp is placed on the load curve. Engine component deterioration is directly related to engine load and to load changes - that's why analysis of the load profile is such an essential part of assessing your engine condition.

Condition based Maintenance

The key discipline of the Equipment Health Management System offers the potential for far-reaching improvement in the operation and maintenance of ship propulsion systems. It facilitates supervision of the vessel on the basis of the actual condition of the equipment fitted. The system utilizes the latest analysis techniques to evaluate sensor data and make results available.

Trend Analysis Tool

The Trend Analysis Tool logs analog and binary metrics continuously during operation – once per hour, as a minimum, or whenever a deviation of greater than 1% occurs. The minimum sampling frequency is 1Hz. Trend data can be grouped, and is stored in a dedicated archive.

Baseline Analysis Tool

The Baseline Analysis Tool is used to analyze equipment parameters. Baselines for equipment characteristics are specified during sea trials or during early-stage operation. Alarm limits can be set accordingly. Monitoring and analyzing changes in parameter correlations (i.e. load/fuel consumption, rpm/temperature) can be used to help detect potential failures at an early stage. This allows the user to commence remedial action aimed at preventing further deterioration of equipment, thereby reducing equipment downtime and avoiding unnecessary cost.

Using baselines as an equipment analysis tool offers many benefits, including:

  • Early failure detection
  • Analysis of equipment characteristics
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Avoidance of unnecessary cost

Vibration Analysis

  • Vibration measurement up to 1000Hz
  • Continuous trend data
  • Vibration magnitude
  • Significant change
  • The rate of change of vibration
  • Complete data incl. Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT)
  • System designed according to DNV GL requirements

Automatic FFT analysis based on the measured vibrations. The drawing on the right shows an example of how vibration analysis can be used to help detect failures.

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