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The next generation Series 4000 for natural gas


Industries and locations may vary, but the need for constant power never changes, whether it’s power generation applications for mining, microgrids or power plants. The next generation Series 4000 natural gas genset offers the highest power density in its class to deliver continuous and reliable power in a smaller footprint.

Uncover the complete offerings of the latest Series 4000 natural gas genset as we unpack its key features and technical specifications, designed with your priorities in mind, to power your business operations in the most challenging environments.

Highlights & Case Studies

The Series 4000 natural gas genset has a proven track record for meeting the highest demands without compromising on performance. Here are some success stories about how our partners have elevated their business operations.

Powering greenhouses to keep
roses thriving all year long  

Wimceco Rose Nursery is a family-owned business that cultivates roses throughout the year, and needed a generator replacement for its greenhouses. As an environmentally conscious consumer, Wimceco Rose Nursery chose the Series 4000 natural gas genset to achieve energy-efficient, eco-friendly production.

Learn how Wimceco Rose Nursery:

  • Provided a controlled environment condition for its greenhouses that span 1.75 hectares
  • Increased the level of CO2 in its greenhouses to boost plant growth
  • Achieved total energy-efficiency levels of 99.9%

mtu Genset combines Cooling, Heat and Power to boost Osram plant operations

Osram, a multinational lighting manufacturer, needed a power solution that doubles up as a heating and cooling solution to maintain an optimum temperature for its system controls and laser systems to operate effectively.

Here’s how Osram utilized the Series 4000 natural gas genset to:

  • Maintain a healthy temperature on the factory floor with a heating and cooling system
  • Ensure maximum uptime of up to 8,000 hours per year before gas genset requires an overhaul
  • Achieve 86% overall efficiency and 44.3% energy efficiency

Your essential primer to the next generation  
Series 4000 natural gas genset  

This guide offers you a quick understanding of the benefits and key features of the latest Series 4000 natural gas genset and containerized solutions, to help you choose the solution that best fits your business requirements.

The next generation Series 4000 natural gas genset specifications at a glance  

We developed a specifications sheet that provides a side-by-side data comparison of its full range of generators—20V, 16V, 12V and 8V models. Download to view your options at a glance.

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