Tognum gets new Executive Board member

Posted on December 17, 2012

Jörg Schwitalla (51) will be the new Executive Board member for Personnel and Integrity at Tognum AG as of 1 January 2013.

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  • Jörg Schwitalla to be appointed Executive Board member for Personnel and Integrity
  • Executive Board position has been newly created

Friedrichshafen, 17 December 2012. Jörg Schwitalla (51) will be the new Executive Board member for Personnel and Integrity at Tognum AG as of 1 January 2013. This was resolved with unanimous approval by the company’s Supervisory Board at its meeting last Friday. Tognum has created the new position on the Executive Board on the one hand to meet future requirements – such as the planned integration of Bergen Engines AS and the group’s growth targets – and on the other hand to achieve the aim of bringing the Personnel, Legal Affairs and Compliance divisions closer together and to underline the growing importance of ethics in corporate management.

Jörg Schwitalla was Chief Human Resources Officer on the Executive Board of MAN until July 2012 and has since acted in an advisory capacity for the Volkswagen Group. With his appointment as the new member of the Tognum Executive Board, Jörg Schwitalla assumes responsibility for Personnel, Legal Affairs, Patent Management, Data Protection and Information Security, in addition to Business Practice & Compliance. He will also perform the duties of Industrial Director within the group. Tognum’s CEO Joachim Coers: “In Jörg Schwitalla, we are fortunate to have gained an experienced Executive Board member for Tognum who will assume responsible for Personnel and Integrity. The increasingly stronger and more consistent focus by all companies these days on corporate integrity and the processes needed to achieve this require someone with the considerable experience and expertise that Jörg Schwitalla brings to us from his six years at MAN.“ During the time he spent at MAN, Jörg Schwitalla was responsible among other things for all the traditional functions in the field of human resources. In addition, the activities and projects in which he was involved also included group security, auditing and purchasing, and he also had a leading role in the investigation of compliance issues at MAN. After completing his studies in Business Administration, specialising in personnel and accounting, Jörg Schwitalla began his career in the personnel department of Michelin. He later spent several years with automotive components supplier Valeo in various personnel management positions in Germany and France, before transferring to MAN in 2006. In the course of his professional career, he has also held positions in production and senior management.

On being told of his appointment to the Executive Board by the Supervisory Board, Jörg Schwitalla said, “Tognum is in excellent shape and, due to its shareholder structure, has attractive growth prospects. The employees are without doubt the key to the company’s success. I am looking forward very much to contributing my experience and knowledge and doing what I can to ensure that Tognum will continue on its path to success.“
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