InnoTrans 2004: mtu Presents Powerful Eco-Friendly Rail Drive Units

Posted on September 30, 2004

At Innotrans, the Berlin Rail Convention, MTU Friedrichshafen was presenting modern drives for diesel locomotives and power cars between September 21 and 24, 2004.
  • Successful 4000 series: stronger drives for cross-border rail traffic
  • World’s most powerful rail engine with a particulate trap
  • System expertise: Power Module with 16V 4000
  • Best-seller PowerPack for power cars with up to 360 kW

At Innotrans, the Berlin Rail Convention, MTU Friedrichshafen was presenting modern drives for diesel locomotives and power cars between September 21 and 24, 2004. In line with the requirements of its operators, the mtu drives display excellent performance coupled with low emission values. The highlight of the exhibit at the convention was the 4000 engine series for driving diesel locomotives. With up to 3000 kW power output (according to UIC) it is the strongest rail drive in its class and is also certified according to the international emission standard UIC 624. Another focal point was the PowerPack®, a complete system solution for the subfloor drive of power cars in line with the emission limits according to the EU Directive Stage 3A.

Successful 4000 series: strong drive for cross-border traffic

With co-operations and amalgamations, railway operators have laid the foundation for the rigorous expansion of internationally networked rail traffic. Trains will be travelling through a much larger Europe – without time-consuming engine transfer at the borders and without double traction for higher train loads. For this new locomotive types are required, which at one and the same time generate high performance and are economically viable. mtu meets these requirements with the 4000 series.

The 4000 engines series has acquired an exemplary reputation as a prime example of state-of-the-art drive technology in new locomotives, but also has an excellent reputation in repowering projects. Equipped with common rail injection technology and electronic engine management, the 4000 combines higher performance with economy and low emissions. The engines are available in 8, 12, 16 and 20 cylinder variants with a finely graduated performance range of between 1,000 and 3,000 kW. 1,150 engines of this series have been ordered for rail vehicles. The 4000 engines are now being used by over 25 rail operators in Europe and Asia.

World’s most powerful rail engine with a particulate trap

With the compact 20V 4000 with up to 3000 kW, locomotive manufacturers have new options for building even more powerful and strong locomotives for cross-border traffic. In contrast to traditional engines of this power category which can only be used in six-axle locomotives, the 20V 4000 is also eminently suitable for four-axle variants. The advantage of this vehicle version is that its deployment results in considerably lower wear of the tracks than is the case with six axles.

mtu has already generated initial successes with the engine. In 2004 the Kiel-based locomotive manufacturer Vossloh Locomotives GmbH equipped each of the two prototypes of the new MaK 2000 locomotive series with one engine. Over the next two months, the two locomotives are to be tested intensively. One of the two vehicles is to be presented at the Innotrans and features a very low particle emission level, which is made possible by a particular trap filter system unique in its power category. The Power Module with the 16V 4000 is also suitable for powerful locomotives used in cross-border traffic.

System expertise for locomotive drives: Power Module with 16V 4000

At its convention stand mtu was presenting itself as a drive specialist with high system expertise. This means that the company does not only supply an engine, but also system engineering tailored to customer requirements. This includes electronic engine management, engine periphery and the engineering for integrating the engine into the locomotive from a mechanical and electronic aspect. At the convention stand a complete Power Module for diesel-electric locomotive drives was on display, consisting chiefly of a 2000 kW 16V 4000 engine with a traction generator mounted on a common frame.

Large order from France: 400 Power Modules for French locomotive 475000 series

A large order from the SNCF, the French railways company, is one of the recent successes achieved by mtu with the Power Module. For powering 400 heavy-duty diesel-electric locomotives of the 475000 series, the company is supplying the required Power Modules. It consists of one 16V 4000 motor and a three-phase generator. The first locomotives are expected to be in operation from 2006. A further large order from SNCF relates to a repowering project where 52 BB66000 are each to be equipped with a 12V 4000. There is a further option for repowering up to 300 locomotives.

A further example for the successful deployment of the Power Module is the diesel-electric locomotive ER 20 (“EuroRunner 20”) from Siemens Transportation Systems. As part of a large order, the Austria State Railway (ÖBB) ordered 100 locomotives. The first vehicles have been in operation since 2002 under the series number Rh 2016 and the name “Hercules”. As part of the largest modernization program at ÖBB, it facilitates the railway company’s entry into the liberalized European railway markets and is deployed on the ancillary network and in cross-border traffic between Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary. Siemens designed the ER 20 is such a way that it can meet various national requirements. Further ER 20 locomotives have been put into operation in the south of Germany under the name “Allgäu-Express” for public transportation and for transporting goods in Germany and Austria. Furthermore, five ER 20 locomotive are operated in Hong Kong by the Kowloon Canton Railways Corporation (KCRC).

Best seller: PowerPack® for power cars with up to 360 kW

With the PowerPack® the company has achieved great success in the volume markets for modern local public transportation vehicles in recent years. PowerPacks® are complete drive units that include not only the engine but further components such as transmission, cooling, filter systems which are installed on a sub-floor basis. mtu was the first provider world wide to offer this in 1997. Since then, it has developed into a true best seller. Over 3,000 units have already been ordered. At it stand, mtu is presenting three PowerPacks® for power cars of the latest generation. The core of these components is a 6H 1800 engine with 360 kW performance, meeting the limit values of the EU Stage 3A Directive, thus making the PowerPack® the drive unit for power cars with the lowest emissions worldwide. As for locomotives, the company also provides a particulate trap and an overhaul for the PowerPack®.