World premiere at the SMM 2016 in Hamburg: The new turbocharger solutions from L’Orange

Posted on September 08, 2016

On the occasion of the leading international maritime trade fair – the SMM 2016 in Hamburg – L’Orange is officially introducing a new product family.

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  • Harmonized systems to satisfy varied customer needs
  • Key engine components from a single source

Stuttgart, 8 September2016. On the occasion of the leading international maritime trade fair – the SMM 2016 in Hamburg – L’Orange is officially introducing a new product family. In addition to injection systems and exhaust aftertreatment solutions, the Swabian machine builder now also offers turbochargers. Key components for large diesel engines are now available from a single source. The product range is specifically targeted to off-highway applications and power plants with high-speed diesel engines. The new turbocharger family is the result of a collaborative effort between L’Orange and MTU Friedrichshafen.

With its new product range, L’Orange is filling a market gap and offering compelling benefits for current and future customers. Of special note is the exceptionally high system compatibility, with harmoniously matched components, that saves L’Orange customers time and money in engine development and operation.

Olav Altmann, Head of Sales at L’Orange, says: “High performance, low consumption, reduced emissions and good interaction between all units – the requirements placed on engines are almost identical everywhere and they are increasing steadily. A single component cannot entirely address them, whereas harmonized systems can. This is why L’Orange opted for this business model expansion. Thanks to the turbocharger’s diverse product family, we can meet different customers' needs without compromising on performance or efficiency.” Since the turbochargers and other L’Orange components are perfectly matched, they can be superbly integrated into the engine’s overall package.

Three model ranges for off-highway applications

The turbocharger is powered by exhaust gas, which makes turbocharged diesel engines extremely efficient. They compress air so that more oxygen flows into the combustion chamber. This enables more fuel to be burned, therefore increasing engine performance while decreasing specific consumption. The problem to date was that the world market for turbochargers was dominated by car and commercial vehicle applications. In comparison, the numbers of chargers built into industrial engines are rather low. This gap has now been sustainably closed with the ZR Series turbochargers from L’Orange. The differences between the turbochargers results from the size of the compressor and turbine wheel, as well as the performance class in terms of pressure ratio and volume flow. Depending on requirements, L’Orange offers high-performance turbochargers for small, medium and large diesel engines. The performance class is sufficient for volume flows from 0.2 m³/s through to 3.5 m³/s.

At the same time, customer needs for engines with very high dynamics and performance can be met. The turbocharger is matched to the engine, so that it safely delivers its performance over the entire range of engine specifications: at sea as well as at altitudes of 4,000 meters, at low and at extremely high exterior temperatures. Accordingly, the sealing and bearing points are thermally isolated and, as needed, water-cooled. In order to limit the surface temperature, a water-cooled compressor spiral is used with supercharged engines, thereby lightening the intercooler’s workload.

At the SMM fair, between September 6 and 9, 2016, customers and prospective customers can experience the new turbocharger product family for themselves. L’Orange is presenting products from its entire portfolio at Stand 405 in Hall A4.
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