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Keeping a good thing going.
The history of diesel engines in the 20th century was significantly influenced by two brands: mtu and Detroit Diesel.

Both brands that dominated diesel engine innovation and manufacturing on their respective continents for most of the 20th century. As the sole owner of the powerful Detroit Diesel 2‑Cycle product line, mtu is proud to continue providing expert support.


Detroit Diesel originally formed by General Motors.

The company produced its first two-stroke engine in Redford, Michigan. Later, the company began developing heavy-duty engines.


Detroit Diesel produced its one-millionth engine.

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines continued to build their legacy as the diesel engines of choice in North America and achieved many milestones along the way.


Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines are still going strong.

From record speed trucks to ferry boats, the Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engine lives on.

A legendary past

The Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engine powered most of the 20th century's diesel-driven industrial history. By land or sea, in peace and at war, a progressively more powerful and efficient series of Detroit Diesel engines could be found in every industry in every corner of the globe. Around the world, many of these engines were—and in many cases still are—in service in hard working city buses, generators, pumps, haul trucks, aircraft ground support equipment, commercial marine vessels, high-end marine pleasure craft, and most of the world's armies and navies.    

Full support

During the 1980s, the advent of tougher exhaust emissions regulations pushed 2-Cycle engines to the sidelines in favor of more environmentally accommodating four-cycle engines. While many predicted the 2-Cycle engines would quietly fade away, they have proven remarkably resilient. And when combined with the strength of our expertise and support, the legend is sure to continue.

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