mtu Opens Subsidiary in France

Posted on August 07, 2001

mtu France takes over sales and service activities of mtu in France

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mtu France takes over sales and service activities of mtu in France

Cannes - mtu is expanding its activities in France: In July the company celebrated the official opening of its new subsidiary mtu France in Cannes. The new company takes over all activities for DaimlerChrysler Off-Highway propulsion systems in France, with a focus on the mtu, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz diesel engine brands. The activities of mtu France include sales and marketing, service, technical information and spare parts service.

Christian Courcelles was appointed Head of mtu France. The new company will maintain its corporate management offices, sales operations and one service center at the Paris headquarters; another important service center is located in Cannes on the Mediterranean Coast.

For Dr. Rolf A. Hanssen, mtu Chairman and Head of DaimlerChrysler Powersystems Off-Highway, the formation of the new subsidiary is an important milestone of the corporate strategy: "In the context of our globalization, we have strengthened our worldwide sales organization in our key markets, most recently with the newly founded subsidiaries in Japan and South Africa. The opening of mtu France was yet another logical step for us because of the great importance of the French market." In the year 2000, mtu reported total revenues of Euro 72 million in France.

mtu France was founded in April of this year. Undergirded by its two service centers and Penven as distributor, mtu France disposes of a powerful infrastructure. The company currently services well over 1,000 engines, including numerous engines in ships and yachts along the Mediterranean.

mtu has sold well over 3,000 engines to France up to now. The main emphasis is on generator systems; mtu has delivered nearly 2000 Genset engines to its partner company SDMO. French shipyards also play an important role in the construction of large speed ferries and France currently ranks third after Italy and England in the European yacht business. This year the company also gained entry into the French train market with the new 4000 series.

The government business in France has also developed favorably for mtu. Numerous fast ships and patrol boats of the French marine are powered by engines from Friedrichshafen. The French company GIAT ordered over 470 mtu engines for the battle tank Leclerc tropicalisé on behalf of the United Arab Emirates; these engine deliveries are currently in progress.

mtu France is the successor of mtu's long-time distributor, Deyel. In the course of the company formation, mtu bought Deyel's building in Cannes. All employees were taken over. Under the management of the company's founder Julien d'Eysmond the company has provided an excellent base for the corporate activities of mtu France for over 50 years.