Tognum uses heat from in-house designed fuel-cell power plant

Posted on June 01, 2008

  • Fuel-cell power plant supplies heat for factory of Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen
  • Fuel cell supplied by Tognum subsidiary CFC Solutions

Friedrichshafen,19 June 2008. One of the factories of Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH is now being supplied with heat from a fuel-cell power plant using Tognum technology. The power plant is located directly adjacent to the factory and was recently put into operation by the Friedrichshafen municipal power company. The core of the plant comprising the HotModule type fuel cell was supplied by Tognum subsidiary CFC Solutions GmbH. MTU Friedrichshafen is the main customer for the heat produced by the power plant. The generated electricity is fed into the Friedrichshafen municipal network.
“Small power plants with fuel-cell technology are an important component for the energy supply of the future,” stated Tognum Board of Management member Christof von Branconi. “The new plant demonstrates how companies can use the fuel-cell technology in their own energy mix.” With this new fuel-cell power plant, Tognum is making use of its own technology for environmentally friendly energy supply for the second time. Last year, Tognum put a cogeneration plant made by its subsidiary MDE Dezentrale Energiesysteme GmbH into operation in another mtu factory in Friedrichshafen.
The Tognum Group will further increase its activities in the field of decentralized energy generation in the future. During 2008 therefore, all of these activities will be merged with a global reach under the brand name of mtu Onsite Energy.