Posted on September 09, 2014

The Rolls-Royce brand mtu will be presenting its propulsion and systems portfolio for yachts, merchant vessels and navy ships at the international maritime trade fair SMM from 9 12 September, 2014.

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  • mtu advances SCR technology to meet IMO Tier III
  • Harbor tug with Series 4000 gas engine in service 2016
  • mtu is a system supplier of E-Drive concepts

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN/HAMBURG, GERMANY – The Rolls-Royce brand mtu will be presenting its propulsion and systems portfolio for yachts, merchant vessels and navy ships at the international maritime trade fair SMM from 9 12 September, 2014. mtu will be showing innovative concepts at Stand 305 in Hall A3 in response to the IMO Tier III emission standard which is due to come into force in 2016. “mtu is well-prepared for IMO Tier III, be it with SCR exhaust aftertreatment systems for diesel engines or with gas engines,” explains Dr. Michael Haidinger, Chief Sales Officer at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Customers benefit from a perfectly integrated concept for IMO Tier III comprising an mtu drive and SCR system which need little space and offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Tailor-made services with individualized maintenance intervals round off the customer experience. In an animated presentation, mtu will also be demonstrating the latest high-speed Series 4000 gas engine based on its trusted 4000 M63 diesel engine which is widely used in working vessels. The first field-trial engine is scheduled to go into service in 2016 in a new environmentally-compatible tugboat. mtu's natural-gas marine engine is due to be launched on the market in 2018. Delivering some 2,000 kW, the 16-cylinder version of the engine meets IMO Tier III emission standards without resorting to exhaust aftertreatment. mtu will also be presenting made-to-measure E-Drive systems incorporating diesel engines and electric motors, storage batteries, power electronics, control systems and gearboxes. Shipyards benefit from the numerous advantages offered by these integrated power packs: Low emission levels, low fuel consumption and high performance.

As a one-stop system supplier mtu will also be showcasing variable-speed gensets for yacht and merchant fleet applications. These consume significantly less fuel under partial load than gensets running at constant speeds. Independently of any electrical frequency, users can call on a maximum power of 3,440 kWmec at 2,100 rpm. Other benefits include low noise emission, extended runtime between major overhauls and low maintenance costs offering considerable savings in operational expenditure particularly in commercial applications. Power density has also been appreciably improved. mtu will also be presenting a new unit for civil and naval applications based on the Series 1600 6-cylinder in-line engine which is certified as IMO Tier II and EPA Tier 3 compliant. The unit sets new standards in cutting overall running costs with outstandingly long maintenance intervals and a specific fuel consumption of less than 205 g/kWh at full continuous power. That apart, this enormously versatile engine also meets classification rules for commercial applications and other requirements for demanding civil and military applications including noise, shock and magnetic signatures.

In addition, mtu will be providing information about its current range of IMO Tier II certified engines – Series 2000, 4000 and 8000, and also the 396 and 1163 with up to 10,000 kW – used in tugboats and offshore vessels, yachts, frigates and coastguard ships. On-board power generators delivering between 5 and 3,000 kW complete mtu's tried-and-tested product range. With its mtu ValueCare service products the drive system specialist offers customized maintenance contracts, extended warranties, fast supply of quality spares and remanufacturing services. As a turnkey partner mtu will also be exhibiting automation systems such as the Blue Vision New Generation for propulsion plants equipped with mtu Series 2000 or 4000 engines in yachts and work boats. Clients can choose between the straightforward non-classifiable Blue Vision Basic and an extended, classifiable version aptly-named Blue Vision Advanced.
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