mtu Callosum - Marine Automation System

Developed on the basis of many years of extensive naval experience and perfected by constant dialog with its users, mtu Callosum ensures that the technology works reliably in every situation.

Engineered for integration, intelligence and intuition, mtu Callosum provides total support for naval operations and missions, specifically with a view to aiding 24-month deployments, 24 hours a day. 

mtu Callosum has been developed over the course of several years, based on our extensive experience and perfected by constant dialog and feedback with its users. It is designed to help you use your data intelligently and enable you to focus on what matters most.

Compatible with:

  • CODAD (Combined Diesel And Diesel)
  • CODOG (Combined Diesel Or Gas turbine)
  • CODAG (Combined Diesel And Gas turbine)
  • CODAE (Combined Diesel And Electric)
  • CODELAG (Combined Diesel Electric And Gas turbine)
  • CODELOG (Combined Diesel Electric or Gas turbine)


Monitors, controls and regulates routine processes entirely automatically.

Intuitive displays

All the processes are integrated and visualized in a user-friendly way via a unified interface that can be displayed on every screen across the ship’s network.

Save time

mtu's 3-click technology ensures that all actions can be performed with no more than three mouse clicks.

Ultimate integration

An integrated top-level system with all subsystems embedded, such as the mtu propulsion system, on-board power generation and platform navigation systems.

Easy onboarding

Multi-level descriptive functions such as guided tours, an on-board training system, and mtu maintenance support ensure quick familiarization.

Callosum Modules

mtu Callosum integrates all the various sub-systems of a vessel into a single, intelligent overall system.

Callosum_MC - Integrated Monitoring and Control System

While the ship is in operation, Callosum_MC works in the background to monitor and control the entire propulsion system, on-board power generation, and all general areas of the vessel platform. It also ensures a safe operation at all times.

Measured data is collated from various areas of the vessel, which can be used to improve operational reliability and safety. The system's hardware and software for data acquisition and processing make it ideal for all kinds of government, military and commercial vessels.

Callosum_MT - Corrective, Preventive, Condition Based Maintenance

Callosum_MT is a specialized tool that provides you with full control over the technical condition of your vessel. You can view the current status of all systems whenever you like, either on board or ashore. It is designed to provide support for the ship's maintenance and upkeep 24/7, thus helping to keep downtime to a minimum.

Callosum_MT supports all types of maintenance in order to optimize your vessel's uptime and lifecycle costs. Corrective Maintenance Support is there to help you in the event of failures. Preventive Maintenance offers a load profile based digital maintenance schedule, and condition-based Maintenance provides an evaluation of your machinery's condition using various analysis methods.

Callosum_DC - Battle Damage Control System

Callosum_DC provides you with a precise localization of any type of combat or non-combat related damage. This could be caused by fire, flood, collision, grounding and NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical).

It is in situations such as these that mtu’s 3-click technology comes into its own. It enables quick and assured navigation to help you deal with problems quickly. Tools covered include the alarm system, plots, killcards, extinguishing agents, smoke limits and cameras.

Callosum_TS - Onboard and Land-Based Training System

Callosum_TS enables the training and development of your crew during vessel operation. The smart training system simulates real-life operating conditions. It is adapted individually to the ship on which it is being used.

Training performance can be assessed for individual, team and classroom training, which are supported by recognized methods and tools.

Training scenarios come with predefined faults, as well as a choice of repair options.

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