Relevant Data at a Glance

For an optimal management of power plants or fleets, the web-based application MTU Go! Manage offers fleet managers, as well as the customer support, direct and near real-time access to all relevant data – via mobile or stationary devices.
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Concise Visualization

Combining field and factory data, MTU Go! Manage provides you with all relevant information in one place. Alarm information as well as maintenance schedules are available at any moment.

Improved Alert Management

In case of an event, fleet managers, system operators and technicians can communicate directly – this expedites troubleshooting by ensuring that no information gets lost along the way.

Simplified Problem-Handling

With MTU Go! Manage remote failure assessment is easier, because the application provides access to engine or system sensor parameters.

Intuitive Design

MTU Go! Manage is characterized by a self-explanatory, cleanrly arranged interface. The user-friendly display allows for a quick and precise information overview.

Track Data complete Fleet

The MTU Go! Manage dashboard offers a near real-time data overview. It shows information on complete fleets of equipment, as well as plants, single systems and engines at hand whenever needed.

View New, Pending and Archived Alerts

In the application, you can see the most recent alerts and which alerts are currently pending. You also have an archive of all alerts, including information on how they were resolved.

Communicate with All Involved Experts

Onsite system operators are enabled to request assistance from the fleet manager by using MTU Go! Act in order to exchange further information on how to resolve sn issue. Subsequently, your fleet manager can contact the mtu Service for further support if necessary.

Prioritize Maintenance Schedules

Manage your maintenance schedules and prioritize their assignments. You can see when a specific maintenance is due and confirm when a task has been completed.

Use Multigraph for Remote Troubleshooting

The development of relevant engine parameters is visualized through a multigraph, which is customizable via the user interface. Different parameters and time frames create a specific multigraph – based on your requirements.

How it works

1. Set Up Your Contract
In order to profit from proactive monitoring by mtu service experts, we offer you customized ValueCare Agreements based on your operation’s needs. Here, connectivity as well as the usage of MTU Go! Act and MTU Go! Manage are included.
2. Connect Your Engine and System  
In order to unlock the full potential of drives and systems, their parameters need to be consistently monitored. Our new mtu engines are equipped with data loggers that suit certified and non-certified applications. Also our older engines can be easily retrofitted so we can support you with the ideal connectivity solution.
3. Register and Pair Your Equipment
To register for the web application MTU Go! Manage, you will receive the specific website link via the mtu Service. mtu will pair you with your engines’ or systems’ data in order to grant you access to the manifold opportunities of MTUs digital solutions. With mtu you can always rest assured: we guarantee you the highest industry security standards for your data.
4. Share Insights and Customize
To share your engine’s or system’s data with other team members you can easily give them access to MTU Go! Manage via the application’s invitation feature. If your team is using customized terminology you can adapt this within the application settings.

Want to get connected?

Our mtu sales and service experts are happy to help you to set up your ValueCare Agreement to make full use of our digital solutions.

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