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With reliable and proven mtu genset engines, you benefit from over half a century of experience in the production of drive systems for diesel gensets.

Engineered with compact dimensions, mtu power generation engines are easily integrated into generators. Covering a performance spectrum up to 3.490 kW, they are ideal for use in emergency, base load and peak load gensets (prime/standby power: 50/60 Hz). mtu  gendrive engines feature high constant duty capabilities even under frequently changing loads, high starting reliability and availability as well as the high specific power outputs of our drive systems. Long maintenance intervals and efficient, fuel-optimized operation ensure low operating costs, while engine technologies fulfill emissions regulations as well. mtu genset engines are ideal for use in hospitals, data centers, airports, office complexes, shopping centers and industrial facilities. And they are also well suited for public utilities, hotels or casinos.

Over 60 years of experience

Proven and reliable, backed with over half a century of expertise in the production of drive systems for diesel engine generators.


Easily integrated into power generators due to their compact dimensions.

Wide performance spectrum

A power range from 249 to 3,490 kW, ideal for use in emergency, base load and peak load gensets.

Our engine generators range

Our product portfolio covers engines for 50 Hz markets up to 4,000 kVA and 60 Hz markets up to 3,250 kWe.

mtu Series 1600

50 Hz: 524-888 kWm
60 Hz: 561-996 kWm
The mtu Series 12V1600 extends the power range of the already existing 12V1600 Gx0 up to 996 kWm. With its outstanding power-to-size ratio, the 12V1600 Gx1 is the most powerful engine with the highest power density in
its power range.

mtu Series 2000

50 Hz: 580-1235 kWm
60 Hz: 710-1370 kWm
The mtu Series 2000 delivers proven reliability and is ideal for a wide range of applications. It ranges from 680 to 800 kWe (60 Hz) and 770 to 1270 kVA (50 Hz).

mtu Series 4000

50 Hz: 1200-3300 kWm
60 Hz: 1100-3500 kWm
The mtu Series 4000 performs at the highest level, featuring a robust design and optimal fuel consumption. It ranges from 1550 to 3250 kWe (60 Hz) and 1600 to 4000 (kVA).

Sustainable fuels

Even today, our mtu Series 4000 and Series 1600 engines for power generation are approved to run on synthetic paraffinic diesel fuels in accordance with EN 15940, which includes the biofuel HVO. In 2023, approval for Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines in key applications is expected as well. HVO is one of the first commercially available fuels that can be used to power internal combustion engines in a significantly more climate-friendly way.  

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