Innovation & Technology

Future-oriented portfolio with innovative solutions for the energy and mobility transition.


From the year 2020 on, mtu technologies will enable fully integrated hybrid ship drives.

6 Engines

6 high speed pure gas engines will be operating on European waters by the end of 2020.

500 m. EUR

We are investing more than 500 Mio EUR into innovative technologies during the next 10 years.

As part of our strategy, we provide innovative answers to the major social and economic challenges of today and tomorrow – in the areas of mobility and logistics, infrastructure and energy. In these areas, regulatory requirements are becoming stricter and environmental standards are becoming increasingly complex in an international context.

Diesel drives will continue to be an established part of our portfolio in the future. The aim is to further develop the technology and make diesel engines even cleaner and smarter. At the same time Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems is focusing on meeting the growing demand for electrified drive systems as well as alternative fuels and power sources such as gas, hybrid and pure electric systems.

With our Green and High-Tech Program, we provide forward-looking answers to the growing challenges of the mobility and energy transition. As part of the program, we have recently launched several groundbreaking innovations, including the first mobile gas engines of the mtu Series 4000, which are so clean that they can run in the Wadden Sea.

The year 2020, we will offer fully integrated mtu hybrid ship propulsion systems for yachts, workboats, ferries and patrol boats with added electrical power of up to 840kW per drive train. In the mtu Hybrid PowerPack concept, we combine the advantages of diesel- and battery-powered rail traction and set new standards on the railways through lower fuel consumption, better acceleration and lower exhaust and noise emissions.

With a view to the energy transition, we develop on microgrids, i.e. autonomous energy supply systems that are efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. Microgrids combine renewable energy with reliable power generators and are optimally tailored to the needs of customers such as industrial companies and municipalities. We have set a microgrid pilot plant in Friedrichshafen which simulates the operation of such a system for customers and is designed to meet their specific requirements.

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