Innovation & Technology

Future-oriented portfolio with innovative solutions for the energy and mobility transition.

Human-Centered Approach

Because we collaborate, we understand your needs first-hand and thereby develop customized solutions that really make a difference.

Clear Focus and Efficiency

Using agile and iterative methods in the digital product development we are able to meet changing needs purposefully, fast and efficiently.

500 m. EUR

We are investing more than 500 Mio EUR into innovative technologies during the next 10 years.

Our future: Sustainable solutions

The European Union is aiming for climate-neutrality by the year 2050. We wish to make our own contribution and are developing technologies to provide our customers with the drive, propulsion and energy solutions that will help a climate-neutral future to be realized.  

Guided by Rolls-Royce's global vision – “Pioneering the Power that Matters” – we are working hard to remain our customers' partner of choice in power generation, drives, propulsion and service solutions. With our clean and efficient engines and systems, we collaborate with customers to make a real contribution to reducing pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases. Our major development goals are set out in our Green and High-Tech program.    

Alternative fuels

Power to X

Manufacturing alternative fuels (Power-to-X) is as much a part of our mission as building the systems they power.   


Fuel cells, hybrid systems and storage batteries

We shall continue to press ahead with the electrification of our products. Our Hybrid PowerPack for rail applications is already in service, our marine hybrid system will be available from 2022. And soon we will be using fuel cells to produce CO2-neutral electrical power.

Efficiency enhancement

More for less

Internal combustion engines shall continue to form an integral part of our product portfolio, whereby our aim shall be to make them smarter, more efficient and thereby cleaner.

System integration

Intelligent linking

Fully-integrated complete system packages such as microgrids and hybrid solutions not only help our customers save money but make a real contribution to protecting the environment.


Networked solutions

We make the most of digital solutions to help us devise systems that are even smarter and more cleverly networked.

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