Engines for Commercial Marine

We are one of the world’s leaders in large marine diesel and gas engines and complete propulsion systems for commercial marine vessels.

For decades, commercial marine operations have trusted MTU propulsion systems at sea, in rivers and lakes around the world. Depending on your individual requirements, we offer different solutions such as our marine diesel and gas engines and hybrid marine systems. They perform reliably and efficiently as main or ancillary drive systems and provide energy as on-board power supply systems. Their performance, power and reliability have been proven and their longevity is unmatched. Naturally, all MTU marine engines also comply with the requirements of all relevant classification societies.

As a system provider, we understand the responsibilities you have at sea and are determined to ensure you are able to perform these activities to the best of your ability, and for as long as you can. That is why we offer consistent, professional support from planning to construction. And our ValueCare services go well beyond maintenance to optimize lifecycle costs and maximize uptime, helping you devote more time and resources to your core activities.

Maximum reliability

Availability and maintenance-friendly design for minimal downtime.

Low lifecycle costs

Effective operation, low fuel consumption and long service intervals.

Peace of mind

ValueCare services allow you to focus on your operations and leave the rest to us.

Worldwide network

More than 1,200 service centers provide support anywhere and anytime.

Reduced emissions

Advanced technology meets applicable emissions and environmental regulations.

MTU Marine engines for your application

We are focused on delivering propulsion systems that best fit your needs, and making sure they perform smoothly every step of the way.

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Products in use at Navigazione Laghi hydrofoils

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The Standard of the Future

Fully Certified Marine Diesel Engines by MTU

MTU Propulsion Configurator

Adjust parameters as appropriate for your ship and your emissions targets, and we will show you the perfect configuration.

Masterly maintenance

by Elke Brown

A maintenance contract guarantees an operator from Malta maximum availability for his ferries.

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2020 Ship of the Year powered by MTU engines from Rolls-Royce

by Katrin Auernhammer

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More than 800 fast ferries operate around the world with MTU power

by Katharina Dietrich

There is no other brand of engine installed on so many fast ferries.

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Asia: MTU hosts Inaugural Gas Forum 2018

by Leng Wei Lin

More than 115 multinational participants attended the Inaugural Gas Forum (IGF) 2018 in Singapore

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Marine Propulsion Systems

Leave it to us to find a solution to have you sailing safely and confidently, whatever your vessel.

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Marine Gensets

MTU ship generators come in a wide variety and with customizable elements, enabling you to find a solution that is just right for your needs.

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Marine Automation

Tailored to your requirements by people who know your vessel inside-out: us.

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We are here to take your Sales & Service questions around the clock, 365 days a year.

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