Tools and Downloads

From controller software to technical documents, we offer numerous options to assist with project design.

Available downloads and technical information tools can be accessed by clicking the links below.  

For assistance specific to your requirements, please contact your local distributor.


PS-SPEC Power System Sizing and Specification is a powerful, fully-featured sizing and specification program for generator sets suitable for projects of any size.  PS-SPEC is a tool for consulting engineers, contractors, and other professionals involved in the design, application load analysis, or installation of generator sets.  

PS-SPEC asks you to supply basic information about your project requirements and then provides you with all the information you need to select the appropriate equipment.


Get started using PS-SPEC for your projects by clicking the following link. (Registration required)

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows the user to construct a building in full detail, virtually. During the BIM-design phase, you can select and place the materials that will make up the finished structure, including the engine, generator, and accessories. Once the building design is complete, the model can test for spatial claim and interference based on the models included in the building design.  

We currently offer BIM models for North and Latin American product including mtu engine series 1600, 2000, and 4000. BIM models include RFA and RVT files, in addition to 3-D view DWFX files.


All of these files require Revit or AutoCAD software and are available on the BIMobject website.


DiaSys is a Windows®-based software tool that communicates with a wide range of mtu engine controllers. This tool allows the user to perform required maintenance and servicing tasks, including reading and recording measurement values/process variables.

DiaSys is only available to certified service personnel. Listed below are data files to be used with the DiaSys software. For more information, please contact your local service distributor.

Software Downloads-mtu Engines
Reference EIM HW/SW and plant ID for diasys.dat Download (PDF 95 KB)
EIM 2-02 (B00E50201528/S0001)
2_1007_10_1_1_0 (X00E50207671) Download (DAT 182 KB)
2_1007_10_1_2_0 (X00E50207671/S0001) Download (DAT 182 KB)
2_1007_10_1_3_0 (X00E50208022) Download (DAT 188 KB)
2_1007_10_1_4_0 (X00E50208022/S0001) Download (DAT 189 KB)
2_1007_10_1_5_0 (X00E50208022/S0002) Download (DAT 190 KB)
2_1007_10_1_6_0 (X00E50208022/S0003) Download (DAT 190 KB)
2_1007_10_1_7_0 (X00E50208022/S0004) Download (DAT 190 KB)
EIM 2-02 (B00E50201528/S0002) / EIM 2-03 (B00E50206009) / EIM 5-01 (B00E50208135)
2_1007_10_2_0_2 (X00E50209115) Download (DAT 226 KB)
2_1007_10_2_1_0 (X00E50209115/S0001) Download (DAT 227 KB)
2_1007_10_2_2_0 (X00E50209115/S0002) Download (DAT 227 KB)
2_1007_10_2_3_0 (X00E50209115/S0003) Download (DAT 227 KB)
2_1007_10_10_4_0 (X00E50209829) Download (DAT 246 KB)
2_1007_20_1_0_1 (X00E50210343) Download (DAT 249 KB)
2_1007_20_1_1_0 (X00E50210343/S0001) Download (DAT 241 KB)
2_1007_30_1_0_2 (X00E50210345) Download (DAT 250 KB)
2_1007_30_1_1_2 (X00E50210345/S0001) Download (DAT 233 KB)
EIM 3-01 (X00E50211432) / EIM 6-01 (B00E50208137)
2_1007_10_3_0_0 (X00E50211567) Download (DAT 235 KB)
2_1007_30_2_0_1 (X00E50211699) Download (DAT 243 KB)
2_1007_50_2_2_1 (X00E50211546) Download (DAT 129 KB)
2_1007_50_2_2_7 (X00E50211546/S0001) Download (DAT 131 KB)
2_1007_70_1_0_6 (X00E50211701) Download (DAT 96 KB)
2_1007_70_1_1_2 (X00E50211701/S0001) Download (DAT 96 KB)
2_1007_70_1_2_1 (X00E50211701/S0002) Download (DAT 97 KB)
2_1007_70_1_3_0 (X00E50211701/S0003) Download (DAT 97 KB)
2_1007_80_1_0_1 (X00E50211703) Download (DAT 120 KB)
2_1007_80_1_1_0 (X00E50211703/S0001) Download (DAT 121 KB)
2_1007_90_1_0_1 (X00E50211992) Download (DAT 105 KB)
2_1007_90_1_1_1 (X00E50211992/S0001) Download (DAT 109 KB)
2_1007_90_1_2_1 (X00E50211992/S0002) Download (DAT 113 KB)
2_1007_90_1_3_0 (X00E50211992/S0003) Download (DAT 114 KB)
2_1007_90_1_4_0 (X00E50211992/S0004) Download (DAT 115 KB)
2_1007_100_1_0_3 (X00E50212345) Download (DAT 179 KB)
2_1007_100_1_1_0 (X00E50212345/S0001) Download (DAT 180 KB)
2_1007_100_1_2_1 (X00E50212345/S0002) Download (DAT 192 KB)
2_1007_100_1_3_2 (X00E50212345/S0003) Download (DAT 200 KB)
EIM 10-01 (X00E50212034)
2_1607_10_1_0_2 (X00E50212544) Download (DAT 241 KB)
2_1607_10_1_1_1 (X00E50212544/S0001) Download (DAT 240 KB)
2_1607_10_1_2_1 (X00E50212554/S0002) Download (DAT 245 KB)
2_1607_20_1_0_5 (X00E50212556) Download (DAT 187 KB)
2_1607_30_1_0_7 (X00E50212554) Download (DAT 172 KB)
2_1607_30_1_1_0 (X00E50212554/S0001) Download (DAT 174 KB)
2_1607_50_1_0_5 (X00E50212558) Download (DAT 108 KB)
2_1607_50_1_1_2 (X00E50212558/S0001) Download (DAT 110 KB)
2_1607_70_1_0_3 (X00E50212560) Download (DAT 101 KB)
2_1607_70_1_1_0 (X00E50212560/S0001) Download (DAT 101 KB)
2_1607_70_1_2_0 (X00E50212560/S0002) Download (DAT 102 KB)
2_1607_80_1_0_2 (X00E50212562) Download (DAT 127 KB)
2_1607_80_1_1_0 (X00E50212562/S0001) Download (DAT 129 KB)
2_1607_80_1_2_0 (X00E50212562/S0002) Download (DAT 129 KB)
2_1607_80_1_3_2 (X00E50212562/S0003) Download (DAT 129 KB)
2_1607_90_1_0_2 (X00E50212564) Download (DAT 116 KB)
2_1607_100_1_0_3 (X00E50212566) Download (DAT 168 KB)
2_1607_100_1_1_2 (X00E50212566/S0001) Download (DAT 175 KB)

Diasys NG

DiaSys NG (New Generation) is the newest version of mtu diagnosis software, communicating with a wide range of mtu controllers*. This tool allows the user to perform required maintenance and servicing tasks, including reading and recording measurement values/process variables.   DiaSys NG is only available to mtu certified service personnel. Current software versions are available for download at the links below. For more information, please contact your  local service distributor.  

*Software currently available for the following versions: Tycoon, Origin

Software Download Diasys NG
DiaSys NG 18.2 SHA-256: 3E91254FD7018ABAB78BA5B277186EE09FE665A8FE386E5352048F26CA2A3ED7 Download (ZIP 401 MB)

Generator Set Controllers

Our generator set controllers are highly advanced integrated systems. Controllers use Windows®-based software that allow for programming and monitoring of control panels in our generator systems. Current software versions are available for download at the links below. For additional information, please contact your local local distributor. For technical assistance contact the Customer Assistance Center.

Software Downloads-Power Generations
BESTCOMSPlus® - version Windows-based software allows programming of the MGC Series and DGC-2020 control panels. Download (ZIP 263 MB)
DGC-1000 - version 2.08.02 Windows-based software allows programming of the DGC-1000 control panel. Download (ZIP 6 MB)
DGC-500 - version 1.05.02 Windows-based software allows programming of the DGC-500 control panel. Download (ZIP 6 MB)
DVR2000E - version 1.06.04 Marathon Digital Voltage Regulator DVR2000E Software. Download (ZIP 4 MB)
DVR2000E+ - version 1.5 Marathon Digital Voltage Regulator DVR2000E+ software. Download (ZIP 581 KB)
DVR2400/2500 – version 2.1.1 Marathon Digital Voltage Regulator DVR2400/2500 software. Download (ZIP 4 MB)

Engineer's Guidebook

The Engineer’s Guidebook is a collection of product specification sheets, component data, and warranty information for our portfolio of products and accessories offered in North and Latin America.


Access the Engineer's Guidebook by clicking the following link. (Registration required)

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