Power Generation

Gas Generator Sets

Power range:
50 Hz: 250 – 2,535 kWe
60 Hz: 30 – 2,514 kWe

Industries and locations may vary, but the need for constant power never changes.

mtu gas-powered generator sets provide you with continuous, economical, reliable, and future-ready power. Utilizing natural gas, biogas or other gases, mtu generator sets feature cutting-edge technology for combined heat and power (CHP), as well as combined heat, power

and cooling (CHPC) solutions. All of our gas gensets feature high efficiency and low emissions in the 250 kWe - 2,535 kWe electrical power range. In addition, our mtu Series 500 and mtu Series 4000 gas gensets also offer hydrogen blending, for even more ecofriendly operarions.


Low lifecycle costs from extended maintenance intervals and reduced oil consumption.


Proven technology, with thousands of successful installations worldwide.

Clean Technology

Latest state of the art technologies including exhaust gas after treatment system.


Supply guarantee if local grids fail or are unreliable.

Our gas generator set range

Our product portfolio covers gas gensets for 50 Hz markets up to 2,535 kWe and for 60 Hz markets up to 2,520 kWe.

Natural Gas

50 Hz: 250-2,535 kWe
60 Hz: 250-2,514 kWe
Our natural gas systems range from the mtu Series 500 to the mtu Series 4000 with a proven reliability, efficiency, flexibility and highest power density in class.

Biogas and other Gases

50 Hz: 250-1,950 kWe
60 Hz: 250-1,932 kWe
Our biogas gas systems range from the mtu Series 500 to the mtu Series 4000 with proven reliability, efficiency, flexibility and highest power density in class.

Hydrogen blending

mtu Series 500 gas generator sets
mtu Series 4000 gas generator sets
Renewable energy sources will play a pivotal role for the power supply of the future, particularly from sources like sun and wind. Hydrogen produced from renewables by means of electrolysis is referred to as “green” hydrogen. Hydrogen generated in this way can be used as a climate-neutral fuel by modern gas engines, which convert it into electricity in a highly efficient manner. The waste heat can be used for heating and cooling. Our mtu Series 500 and mtu Series 4000 engines are available for hydrogen blending.

mtu Gas Systems overview

mtu Series 500 natural gas

50 Hz: 250 - 550 kWe
60 Hz: 250 - 550 kWe

mtu Series 500 biogas

50 Hz: 250 - 550 kWe
60 Hz: 250 - 550 kWe

mtu Series 4000 natural gas

50 Hz: 776 – 2,535 kWe
60 Hz: 760 – 2,514 kWe

mtu Series 4000 biogas

50 Hz: 800 – 1,950 kWe
60 Hz: 762 – 1,932 kWe

Get all specifcations for our power generations solutions

Use the new product finder with power, emissions and application filters.

Comprehensive, customized service solutions for your mtu gas system

Our full portfolio of service solutions provides your power generation investment with 360 degrees of customized support, for optimal value at every stage of life.

Expertise you can rely on - every step of the way

Our commitment covers every step of the lifecycle – from simulation to solution development, commissioning and digital after-sales service support, including repowering and remanufacturing.

Project planning and engineering

  • Expert planning support for diverse power generation solutions
  • Assistance with integrating it into your application
  • Detailed engine, system and component explanations
  • Planning stage budget proposal and fixed implementation price
  • Peripheral system design and planning support
  • Service solutions consultation and recommendations
  • Help with legal questions (e.g. German Renewable Energy Act levy, formaldehyde bonus)

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

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Gas powered series 4000

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Gas powered series 500

The sustainable solution that always answers your needs.

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Power Generation

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Power Generation

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Power Generation

Power Generation Solutions

Whether you need continuous or standby power applications, we have optimum solutions for a range of requirements.

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Power Generation

The mtu Natural gas-powered Series 4000

Economical, sustainable, reliable and flexible. Power range 776 - 2,535 kWe (50Hz) / 762 – 2521kWe (60Hz)

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