Early addressing of obsolescence ensures uptime and fleet availability.

It is important to address obsolescence issues early in current supply chain congestion, as obsolete or unavailable components can impact fleet availability. Early action such as switching to new technologies can minimize the impact of obsolescence and ensure availability,
even extend the life of the automation system and vessel. Through our continuous development, we can provide regular updates in the form of upgrades for optimized operation of your vessels and fleets.

With obsolescence upgrades as part of mid-term refits, we provide assistance to propulsion systems in the middle of their life cycle. Worn parts are replaced, age-related failures are avoided, and functions and capabilities are brought up to original levels. The retrofit includes replacing the mechanical governor with our new ADEC-UNI electronic governor which is a prerequisite for further refit with state-of-the-art marine automation solutions such as our mtu NautIQ portfolio.

Extends the life of the systems and the entire vessel

Less downtime and lower maintenance costs

Keep your fleet available and ready

Effective operation, low fuel consumption and long service intervals


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Maintenance costs, failure probabilities and availability of naval vessels

Military research study of Vyacheslav A. Kharchenko: Problems of reliability of electronic components

Ensure the availability of your vessel in three steps

Step 1: Modernization of engines: replacing obsolete parts - electronic control unit / governor

The engine control unit (ECU) is the engine’s central control unit and affects all important functions, including fuel delivery, ignition and emissions control. Incorrect replacement or configuration of the ECU can cause serious damage to the engine and endanger safety. The ECU should only be replaced by mtu certified technicians, as only they have the specific knowledge and experience to understand and handle the complex electronics and mechanics of the engine. If necessary, engine-related electronics (wiring, sensors, controllers) and associated components that may affect the life of the engine (e.g. the injection pump) can be replaced in addition.

Step 2: Modernization of brigde: replacing obsolete parts

Addressing obsolescence is particularly critical for the brain of the vessel – the main control unit (MCU) located of the ship’s bridge. It is the control center where all signals converge, are processed and acted upon. Effective bridge modernization can include the upgrade of the MCU and bridge components like touchscreen, keyboard, trackball, printer as well as the upgrade of the propulsion control system (PCS) and the remote control system (RCS) (i.e. throttle, gauges, oil pressure).

Step 3: Integration of mtu NautIQ automation solution

Once all the relevant hardware and software adjustments have been completed, a a state-of-the-art intelligent electronic management system can be installed to benefit from comprehensive vessel function control. Our advanced automation management systems mtu NautIQ Master, mtu NautIQ Core and mtu NautIQ Foresight allow you to fully integrate the operational functions of your vessel. As a result, you have complete command over a wide range of functions and capabilities throughout the vessel.

Need help managing your obsolescence challenges?



mtu NautIQ Master is an Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) and offers the optimal solution to meet the needs of Government and highly complex commercial projects.

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mtu NautIQ Core Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS) option is an entry-level system that offers a reliable and highly cost-effective solution and is designed using pre-engineered building blocks incorporating built-in expansion for future proofing. A selection of display systems are available to meet operational requirements and console design.

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mtu NautIQ Foresight is an Equipment Health Management System. It allows you to monitor and have full control over the technical condition of your vessel and your complete fleet.

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