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mtu is dedicated to innovative thinking and providing the perfect engines and systems for your fleet as it secures the seas. mtu engines and propulsion systems are a permanent part of many countries’ armed forces. For more than half a century, we have been as much at home on the sea as you are. It is this experience and expertise that makes us such a strong partner – worldwide, whatever mission you are on.

Our navy ship propulsion systems are based on the mtu commercial marine engine portfolio, thousands of which operate successfully all over the world. They are modified according to the special requirements of navy ship and governmental vessels. mtu engines for navy ships cover a broad power range from 300 to 10,000 kW, ensuring that every vessel in your fleet has just the right propulsion.

High power density, low weight, compact design, and mechanical and thermal stability characterize mtu engines, just as much as simple operation, straightforward maintenance and low lifecycle costs. We are system partners. Our expertise in ship applications encompasses every possible propulsion configuration, including engineering services, hardware and software which these configurations require. No matter how extraordinary your requirements, we can supply you with a complete, fully integrated propulsion system.  

Impressive range of power

We offer a range of powerful and reliable propulsion systems for every kind of navy ship, from 300 to 10,000 kW.

Efficient and economical

Dynamic responsiveness comes from high power density, while our navy ship engines boast excellent low load behavior and low fuel consumption.

Combined propulsion systems

We offer a high level of redundancy, flexibility and availability. If your application requires it, we can design a combined propulsion system such as diesel and diesel (CODAD), diesel and gas (CODAG), diesel or gas (CODOG) as well as diesel electric or gas (CODELOG).

A dedicated PSI team

We are offering a dedicated Propulsion System Integration team to give you a competitive edge in terms of economy, environmental compatibility and performance.

Integrated Automation System

Our Callosum Integrated Automation System exists to allow your operators to monitor and control the whole propulsion plant, the on-board power supply and the entire vessel.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

ILS is designed to keep your navy ship engines and systems up and running for their entire lifetimes, but in a customized way that fits your needs.

System Solutions

Our unrivaled expertise in system engineering encompasses every possible propulsion configuration, including engineering services as well as the hardware and software which these configurations require.

Modernization of navy ships

We are specialized in the modernization of propulsion and automation systems in order to futureproof and extend the life of your fleet. More and more navies and coast guards consider a modernization a cost-effective way to preserve and improve their fleet. From supplying propulsion engines to planning and realization of the complete modernization, mtu has successfully proven itself in a wide range of different modernization programs. mtu with its in-depth engineering expertise can also make your project a success.

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Emissions Reduction Technologies

mtu has always played a leading role in developing environmentally friendly engines and, in particular, solutions for reducing emissions.

Propulsion systems tailored to your navy ship

The higher the requirements and the more specific the application, the more the need for an mtu engine or complete system solution including gearbox and shaft line and propeller.

Destroyers, frigates, and corvettes

Equipped with mtu engines and propulsion systems, corvettes, frigates and destroyers are superbly equipped for their demanding tasks. Benefits of our engines include a high power concentration at low weight and excellent maneuverability.


Mine countermeasure vessels

At mtu we’ve always been a leader in the development of propulsion systems with low magnetic and acoustic signatures. And this is exactly what you're looking for in an engine if you're operating mine countermeasure vessels.

Offshore Patrol Vessels  

Uneventful patrols on the high seas can suddenly turn into serious operations. When they do, you need a robust propulsion system which keeps going whatever the situation.       


Amphibious and support vessels  

Amphibious and support vessels might not be active on the front, but they're still vital for transport troops and equipment where it is needed. That’s why they need the best and most reliable propulsion systems around. Our ultra-reliable propulsion systems ensure you always arrive on time.


High Speed Patrol Vessels  

With a wide range of duties including police, coast guard, border control and customs, inshore patrol vessels need propulsion systems with very fast responses..

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Naval Solutions

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Naval Solutions

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Naval Solutions

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Marine automation

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Leave it to us to find a solution to have you sailing safely and confidently, whatever your vessel.

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