Drilling in Mining

Our mining drilling equipment.

Mining and Drilling Rigs

mtu high-performance diesel engines for blast hole drills or drill rigs work exceptionally hard. They combine robustness with electronic engine management that has been finely aligned for optimal drilling performance at opencast or underground mining sites. This guarantees fast drilling progress and precise drilling results. Drilling machines you use to drill holes into the wall. 

The intelligent control system protects the engine as well as the drilling machine and optimizes the performance during continuous use as well as facilitating diagnostics and maintenance. This makes for an ideal combination of power and that gets through anywhere – even under the toughest of conditions.

High performance

Designed for continuous operation in extreme conditions.

Low lifecycle costs

Through low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals.

Maximum availability

Proven engine concept ensures minimal downtime.

24/7 drills for mining

Maximum availability and minimal downtime, thanks to the proven engine concept.

Worldwide maintenance service

Including fast replacement parts and consumables supply allows for continuous drilling.

How can ambitious net zero targets be achieved?

Providing ever cleaner, safer and more competitive solutions is always on our mind – even when we‘re not at work.

Talk to our experts and visit our MINExpo 2021 special.

Our solutions enable you to make great strides toward carbon neutrality.

Because only the strongest prevail

When drilling blast holes in the hardest rock formations or when performing exploratory drilling, our diesel engines must work faultlessly around the clock under the most extreme environmental conditions. Our well-proven and constantly improved drive systems guarantee reliability and profitability. The maintenance-friendly design of mtu engines offers even more benefits with its long service intervals. This reduces downtime to a minimum and ensures that you are ready to resume drilling again quickly. In addition, the third generation common rail injection system and intelligent engine management system provide for optimal combustion and fuel efficiency. We also offer suitable solutions for special emissions demands, if necessary.
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Journey through a mtu 12V 4000 Tier4 Mining engine

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How to drift a haul truck

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SCR System mtu Series 1000 - 1500

Power Generation

Life on the edge

by Lucie Maluck

Freezing cold in Siberia, searing desert heat, towering waves or quaking earth – mtu Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines are tough as nails.

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Making every engine unique

by Lucie Maluck

How do you turn a Series 2000 or Series 4000 engine into a customized one-off that fits the customer's application like a glove?

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Diamonds hidden in permafrost

by Ulrich Heyden

mtu powers haul trucks carrying diamond-containing rocks.

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Another 10,000 hours

by Chuck Mahnken

With preventive maintenance, precise analysis of operating data and modern mtu engines, MTW engineers extend the service life of Komatsu 830E haul trucks while reducing operating costs.

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