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Flexibility Bonus on Combined Heat and Power Plant

Benefit from the Flexible Communal Heating Power Plant Grant

Make sure your biogas-fueled combined heat and power plant (CHP) is ready for the future. The Flexibility Bonus is granted for the change of existing plants to direct marketing or the extension of the biogas plant by one or more additional cogeneration units and peripherals. Combined heat and power (CHP) biogas plants will be sustainable for the time beyond the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

Expanding your biogas plant puts you in a better starting position for the time after the EEG, your plant will be fit for the future. To offer another appeal, there is an annual bonus of 130€ per additional kW of electrical power installed. Experience the scope of benefits and expand your biogas plant now.


Annual bonus for additional kW electric power

10 years

Term of flexibility Bonus, or until EEG promotion ends

100 %

State-of-the-art CHP units ensure more efficiency in power generation

What does the flexible mode of operation and the flexibility bonus mean?

In addition to the fixed feed-in tariff, the amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) also allows direct marketing of the electricity generated. Electricity can then be flexibly fed in when the price is highest. In the reverse case, the power supply can be stopped and biogas can be temporarily stored if the electricity price is low due to high production from wind and solar power. This mode of operation is used to stabilize the grid, as electricity is only fed in when it is needed. The necessary investments (CHP plant expansion, gas storage, transformer) are subsidized by a state grant, the so-called flexibility premium.

What are the requirements for direct marketing?

The biogas plant is operated on demand in cooperation with an authorized electricity reseller. In order to supply more electricity during peak period prices, the plant will be expanded by one or more additional CHP units above the average power generation capacity of the biogas plant. In addition, a corresponding gas and heat storage tank, as well as a transformer is needed. It should be noted that the total amount of electricity fed in may not be increased by the extension. It only serves to increase flexibility, as more power will be available in certain intervals in a shorter time. In exchange, the biogas CHP is shut down accordingly.

Why invest - and why now?

On average, higher electricity revenues can be achieved through direct marketing rather than through the guaranteed feed-in tariff. The flexibility bonus of € 130, - per additionally installed kW of electrical power is paid for 10 years, or until the end of your EEG biogas plant grant. The state subsidy is capped, but only a small part has been called in so far. Consequently, and because it is not clear whether the flexibility premium will still exist in the next Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), it makes sense to act now in order to profit from the currently attractive CHP grant.

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