Automation Systems

Controlling power with intelligent electronics. As a systems supplier, MTU not only provides you with the perfect engine, but also with an automation system which is exactly adjusted to it.

MTU engines are powerful and technologically advanced. But in order to offer the best efficiency, reliability, safety and environmental compatibility, they need more than just power. They need intelligent electronic management.

Modern engine management systems handle the control and monitoring of the hardware and enable perfection of performance. MTU Automation Systems are engineered to deliver the ideal combination of power and precision.

Improved uptime

State-of-the-art hardware and software ensures safety and maximum availability.

Optimized lifecycle costs

Permanent monitoring of the drive system extends the lifecycle.

Peak performance

Enabled by MTU Automation Systems for your propulsion system.

MTU SmartBridge

With strong experience and deep knowledge in ship automation, we are now offering a fully integrated bridge solution by joining forces with Team Italia.

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BlueVision Non-Classified

Bluevision provides the most sophisticated and extensively developed solution for standard automation systems based on technology platform MCS-5.

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MTU Callosum - Marine Automation System

Developed on the basis of many years of extensive naval experience and perfected by constant dialog with its users, MTU Callosum ensures that the technology works reliably in every situation.

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The brain of the engine

by Dr. Jens Kohler

The electronic control unit monitors and controls all the key functions of the engine and the exhaust aftertreatment system.

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Real-time information about marine engines

by Mario Schulte

Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM) is a complete concept for maintaining and monitoring ship propulsion and on-board systems.

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Automatically connected

by Lucie Maluck

To ensure a first-rate vehicle interface for a first-rate engine, MTU develops specific automation systems for each application.

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