Getting Shipshape with mtu Captain & Crew Training Sessions

Posted on February 28, 2019 by Nina Felicitas Kunzi, Images by mtu

mtu is offering ‘Captain & Crew Training’ sessions with one-day seminars that focus squarely on a practical learning-by-doing approach.
Friedrichshafen, Germany

Ultimately,   mtu engines are installed in yachts for a very simple reason – to make sailing fun. But the engines themselves are less simple, and have to be intricately integrated into a high-tech propulsion system that places efficient, high-performance engine power at the crew’s fingertips and makes intuitive maneuvering a reality. Obviously, this level of complexity raises its own issues – for example, how do I personalize the automation system to match my individual propulsion needs? Or, why is it sensible to let the engine run on for a few minutes after docking?

To make the initial steps involved in handling mtu products aboard a yacht as simple and familiar as possible, mtu is offering ‘Captain & Crew Training’ sessions with one-day seminars that focus squarely on a practical learning-by-doing approach. The free training courses are aimed at skippers, owners, crewmembers, engineers and service or shipyard technicians involved with new yachts powered by mtu Series 2000 M96 units. The events involve small groups of around 20 participants and are designed to allow plenty of time for individual questions. “This training concept forms part of our Premium Yacht Services program that is designed to facilitate dialog with our customers as well as providing an insight into our products and what they do and creating a solid basis for operating them,” explained Anne Juhre, a member of the Sales team at MTU Friedrichshafen.

A simulator is used to present the system architecture of the Blue Vision New Generation automation concept and to demonstrate common troubleshooting scenarios and alarm codes.

Training program with practicality in mind

The training program covers the most important issues relating to control of the system overall, including propulsion and automation. Using their own model, mtu specialists introduce the major engine components and provide information and advice on maintenance. A simulator allows them to demonstrate the system architecture of the Blue Vision New Generation automation facility including common troubleshooting scenarios and alarm codes. The sessions also include a presentation on the company’s Premium Yacht Services covering extended warranty provisions and digital mtu products such as mtu Go Manage and mtu Go Act.

Upcoming dates and registration

The next Captain & Crew Training event will take place on March 21, 2019 at the mtu Italia location. A further session is planned for Week 20, 2019, at MTU UK Ltd. Prospective participants can register by contacting Anne Juhre (anne.juhre (at) at mtu in Friedrichshafen or by talking to the coworkers responsible at the various mtu locations around the world.

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Point of contact

Anne Juhre
+49 7541 90 2232
+49 7451 90 2232
+49 7541 90 7165
+79 7541 90 7165

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