Valuecare Agreements

无论机器在正常运行还是停机检修,每分每秒都要充分利用。价值关爱 协议使您能够做到这一点,具有强大的动能,性能和高枕无忧的功能。

ValueCare agreements for power generation

Plan ahead to reduce lifecycle costs

More system uptime means more downtime for you – time to enjoy your priorities outside of work, knowing that everything is running smoothly and reliably. mtu ValueCareagreements ensure that peace of mind with things like scheduled maintenance, guaranteed parts availability and full service support.

In a time when the energy landscape is evolving, service is not just about keeping current systems running, but also about being prepared for the future. With mtu upgrades and retrofits, your systems will be equipped for whatever the future holds. And with our digital solutions, you can efficiently monitor and manage your systems from wherever you are.

Monitor system activity

Make quick, informed decisions from afar with digital remote monitoring capabilities.

Count on genuine parts

Ensure parts availability and price stability throughout the life of your equipment.

Preventive maintenance

Including inspections, oil changes, cooling system, fuel system, starter battery testing, and regular engine exercise under load.

Focus on your operations.
Leave the rest to us.

In the world of power generation, every second counts. Our digitally connected energy systems, wrapped in ValueCare Agreements, make it easy to keep your business running smoothly and reduce total cost of ownership by maximizing uptime, optimizing lifecycle costs and helping you avoid equipment-related business disruptions through preventive maintenance.  

With large investments like power plants and microgrids, lifecycle costs can be significant. It’s often the unforeseen costs lurking below the surface – things like fuel consumption, unplanned downtime and repairs – that have the greatest potential to impact your business. That’s why it pays to plan ahead by investing in a superior mtu power system and protecting it with a ValueCare Agreement.

How do ValueCare Agreements work?

Imagine power generation with unlimited uptime. A world where operations managers are focused on performance and productivity instead of unexpected problems. It may sound like a dream, but we’re turning that dream into a reality – with ValueCare Agreements.

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Increase operational uptime

Guarantee parts availability and service quality

Predict equipment-related costs

Optimize maintenance planning

24/7 expert support

Attain peace of mind

Only for customers with self-service maintenance capabilities
Silver includes all benefits of Bronze level and more:
Gold includes all benefits of Silver and Bronze levels and more:

mtu engines — backed by Extended Coverage —provide invaluable peace of mind beyond the standard warranty.

With Extended Coverage, you can be assured that the costs of unplanned repairs are covered, with service performed by mtu-certified technicians—upholding resale value and ensuring long-term confidence in your mtu investment.

Avoid the unexpected

Extended Coverage protects you from the cost of unexpected repairs beyond your standard warranty, with professional service from mtu- certified technicians and coverage tailored to your needs. Packages can also be extended up to five years and are fully transferable, enhancing resale value. Coverage includes all materials and labor for troubleshooting, fault clearance, and corrective services to engines and on-engine electronics (excluding gearbox, alternators or similar components). To ensure maximum quality, all repairs are conducted using only genuine mtu parts.

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