MTU EnergyPack

Scalable all-in-one microgrid solution for mining.

The new MTU EnergyPack is a key component for improving the reliability and profitability of mine-site microgrids. It stores electricity from any source – diesel- or gas-powered gensets, wind turbines or solar panels – and delivers it when needed.

Designed as a scalable, all-in-one solution, the MTU EnergyPack is able to provide grid support services and can autonomously form a microgrid, enabling customers to operate independently during grid outages. The solution offers the flexibility to meet a multitude of needs: storage of wind and solar power in microgrids, uninterruptible power source (UPS), balancing peak loads, positive and negative control power, and many more. In addition, storage capacity can be adapted easily to individual power storage requirements.

The system can be integrated with existing power grids, making it easy to expand your capacity. A highly mobile, fully integrated plug-and-play design ensures fast, easy installation, reducing setup times and costs. As a result, power is available more quickly and at lower costs. By bringing power on-stream immediately, the MTU EnergyPack provides essential fast response capability for better power quality, black starts, frequency response and backup applications. The system offers comprehensive safety features, monitoring the batteries, fire alarm and extinguishing system. And a data logger provides access to our digital solutions, including remote monitoring, fast and reliable service support and – coming soon – further features such as predictive failure prevention and operational optimization.

Multiple Applications

Mining companies are forced to operate in more remote locations as resources become scarce. Off-grid solutions are crucial for mining operations. The MTU EnergyPack increases reliability of existing operations and the use of renewable energy resources.

Electricity costs represent an important share of a mine’s lifecycle costs. High electricity consumption is needed for mine site infrastructure, e.g. mining accommodation, crushing and milling processes, conveying or pumping and transport., More important than the cost of generating electricity is the reliability and capacity of supply, If any of the processes are interrupted by a power failure or capacity gap, the whole mine operation may come to a halt. Using our Microgrid solutions will increase renewable energy supply while providing greater reliability and capacity to the overall mining process.

Stand-alone facilities

Battery storage makes it easier to integrate renewables (solar and wind) to a stand-alone grid, cutting cost and ensuring clean, reliable, quiet power all year round. We offer the most suitable and economical solution for your needs.

Remote mining locations

Easy to install and maintain, the MTU EnergyPack ensures year-round stable frequency and voltage, a guaranteed power supply, and the availability of backup power when it is needed.

Fixed plant for mining

An independent power supply, the elimination of grid charges, a green image and emergency power supplies: clear benefits for mines with high-power demands.

Grid stabilization

Batteries respond to frequency changes within milliseconds, feeding power when frequency drops, and absorbing power from the grid as soon as frequency rises.

Infrastructure on a mine site

Electric equipment and vehicles need charging quickly without straining the grid. Battery charging stations can use green electricity from local, renewable resources.

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MTU engines power machines at Modikwa Platinum Mine on South Africa’s rich mineral reef

Underground mining demands extreme performance for extreme periods, both for miner and machine. In a 24/7 operation, durability and efficiency are the building blocks to profitability. At Modikwa Platinum Mine, one of South Africa’s leading platinum mines, you will find some machines which perform Herculean feats in places that they have very little right to be in. Up to 800m underground in the mine, drill rigs and load haul dumpers powered by MTU Series 900 engines, add significantly to Modikwa’s profitability through their performance, durability and efficiency. In terms of performance it means minimal downtime, fuel efficiency and low emissions.

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