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Change is constant. Our systems adapt. It could be your business demands, a new location or the introduction of new regulations. An mtu upgrade can help you meet whatever changes come your way.


We adapt to your evolving needs.

Your generators may be needed in another country with different emission regulations.

You may want to raise or lower their output. Whatever the cause of the change, we can try to find an mtu upgrade to suit your needs.

NOx Box standalone solution

For the mtu 400 Series with MMC V6 controls and older: Standard mtu NOx sensor. Does not require no further sensors for temperature or pressure on modules.

NOx sensor retrofit package

Determines daily average values of NOx on the 400 and 4000 Series for natural gas and biogas applications.

Oxidation catalyst

Reduces formaldehyde emissions to let you meet legal emission targets and enable formaldehyde bonus.

Performance changes

Adapt the performance level of your engine with changes to software and hardware. Requires individual review and approval.

Emission adjustments

Adjust the emission values and certification of your engine to changed application scenarios. Requires individual review and approval.

Label changes

Change emission-related labels to suit different locations. Emission calibration may be necessary. Requires individual review and approval.

Calibration changes

Calibration changes include all conversions based on customer orders on engines/systems with regard to power, application group, frequency and certification (incl. emission level).

X4 maintenance switch

Disables the X4 cable automatically and delays engine start. This allows time for oil pressure to build, preventing engine failure and serves as a visual indicator to ensure all steps are performed after generator set maintenance.

SCR Refit for mtu Series 400

Meet legal emission targets for Series 400 Powergen gas engines by implementing our robust and simple SCR catalyst solution.

SCR Refit for mtu Series 4000 (EGAT)

Our SCR System mtu EGAT (Exhaust Gas After Treatment) enables you to fulfill and document required metrics and ambitious emission limits, e.g. as defined by the German Federal Emission Control Act (44. BlmSchV). Deciding for our SCR solution allows you to benefit from a coordinated overall concept with Rolls-Royce Solutions as single point of contact.

Extended Test Run Interval Solution

With our intensively-tested and manufacturer-certified Extended Test Run Interval Solution for mtu Series 4000 Gx3/Gx4 diesel gensets you can extend your testing from once a month to every three month under specified conditions. This way, you as the operator can not only reduce emissions and achieve ambitious sustainability goals, but also effectively reduce operating costs.    

Midlife Check for mtu Series 4000 Standby engines

Conduct a professional inspection of the engine health condition and receive an expert report by our mtu-certified service technicians in order to early identify the risk of severe engine failures.

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