Power Generation


With hundreds of flights every day, there is no margin for error at an airport. Reliable backup power is essential. We offer reliable backup power solutions and cogeneration systems to ensure continuous and emergency standby power.

We supply all the expertise, equipment and services needed to integrate complete airport power solutions – from fuel supply to electrical design. Our diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability. While mtu Power Generation diesel systems provide standby power 24/7, our gas fueled combined heat and power (CHP) systems deliver continuous power along with a reliable source of heat or cooling, all from one trusted source. mtu Power Generation systems provide tremendous efficiency, cost savings and environmental benefits with the assurance of reliable power and heat if local grids fail or are unreliable. That is why airports all over the world depend on mtu generator sets and cogeneration systems.

Power Generation Solutions For Airports

With hundreds of flights every day, there is no margin for error at an airport. Reliable backup power is essential. We offer reliable backup power solutions and cogeneration systems to ensure continuous and emergency standby power.


We rigorously analyze the power generation demands of your airport and staff, as well as the applicable standards, guidelines, deadlines, and local conditions. That allows us to design the optimal solution for standby power, continuous-prime power, or microgrids & hybrid solutions to prevent future problems.


Our wide-ranging experience helps guarantee on-time development and delivery of your standby generator or prime power generator solution. Network communication and power distribution are enabled by our flexible decentralized control strategies.


We ensure optimum operation and integration of your standby generator and prime power generator with the local power grid and control network, including software implementation, emergency simulation, test runs and training.


We can provide 24/7 power generation system monitoring and comprehensive on-site service for all components conducted by experienced technicians with expert knowledge of regional standards and how to apply them.


Powering the backbone of our communities

A robust and resilient infrastructure is essential for a nation’s economic growth, prosperity and development. The essential services we rely on every day – transportation, power, water and sewage, communications, education and governance. UPS systems provide critical, behind the scenes support, to all these functions ensuring they run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Government and defence must function without interruption to ensure a stable society and a military in a permanent state of readiness.

Universities carrying out cutting edge research, often in conjunction with industry or governments, need to be protected from fluctuating power quality or complete power loss to ensure irreplaceable data and research is not compromised.

Broadcasters may have a duty to governments to ensure they are able to transmit during times of crisis in the interest of public safety. This requires robust electrical networks and resilient critical power support systems to ensure the cameras keep rolling.

Adding value to your business

KINOLT understands the importance of maintaining a resilient infrastructure. It’s why we invest in our people, their training and equipment; enabling them to do their job to the highest standards and most efficient way. Avoiding power failure is always our priority.

KINOLT KS® advantages

Scalable multi-systems

The KINOLT KS® is a resilient and robust dynamic UPS, which can be provided as a single unit or as a parallel redundant system.

Multiple KINOLT units support one of Europe’s largest super computers as it processes metrological data to arrive at global numerical weather predictions (along with other data) which is used by European governments and strategic partners.

Reduce CapEx by splitting loads

Working closely with our clients, KINOLT identifies the most critical functions and loads in each application. Thanks to the KINOLT KS® technology, we can split electrical loads so that the critical elements are isolated from the effects of power outages; whilst non-critical loads may experience short interruptions.

Taking airports as an example; the air traffic control centre, runway lighting and instrument landing systems would naturally be treated as critical loads whilst ventilation and pumping station equipment would be treated as non-critical. This reduces the initial CapEx investment required.

KINOLTsystems are supporting key airport hubs around the globe.

Power Conditioning

The KINOLT KS® has an integrated dynamic filter; in conditioning mode, the synchronous alternator combined with the uniquely designed choke coil interfaces with the mains supply filtering out any spikes and transients to the critical load.

One of the world’s largest global media operators relies on 5 MVA of KINOLT equipment to ensure clean power is delivered to its communication centre for both pre-recorded and live broadcasting worldwide.


Reducing grid-based energy use at peak times is called peak shaving. Peak shaving can realise financial benefits for an organisation when it coincides with peak demand and therefore peak prices in the wholesale market. Lowering energy usage at peak times can enable you to stay within your contracted maximum demand limit and can allow you to optimise network/tariff costs.

The KINOLT KS® units discharge and recharge kinetic, rather than battery sourced, energy ensuring the savings made are not offset by the increased OpEx associated with shortened battery life.

Medium Voltage KINOLT KS®

When operating multiple systems in parallel a limitation comes from the increasing currents. This can easily be overcome by increasing voltage to 3, 6, 13, or 22 kV, for example.

MV systems are the perfect solution when large distribution distances must be covered. Installation space and costs can be saved by replacing large amounts of low voltage cabling by a medium voltage distribution system.

Subject to your site infrastructure and load requirements, the KINOLT KS® can be designed as a low or medium voltage system.

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