mtu EnergyPack QS - Small and Sturdy

Empowering your energy independence


Optimize Costs and Maximize Return of Investment.

mtu EnergyPack QS - Small and Sturdy

Empowering your energy independence

The mtu EnergyPack QS is an incredibly useful solution for a wide range of customer applications. It is available in different sizes up to 400 kVA and 624 kWh and is designed to meet the energy demands of various grid and off-grid solutions. By significantly reducing fuel dependence, this innovative system provides a sustainable power source for remote communities, enabling them to thrive without relying on traditional energy sources.

Moreover, in the commercial and public sectors, the mtu EnergyPack QS enables efficient self-consumption of solar power. Its compact housing ensures easy installation and saves valuable space. With the mtu EnergyPack QS, you can embrace a greener future and enjoy the benefits of reliable, eco-friendly energy solutions.  

EnergyPack QS

Small and sturdy

mtu EnergyPack QS

200 kVA - 400 kVA
Up to 624 kWh
0.5C/1C 50/60 Hz
  • Compact size: 3.3 m x 2.22 m x 2.53 m  
  • Enhanced C5 corrosion protection  
  • Grid‐forming (droop/isochronous)  
  • Grid‐following  
  • Black start  

mtu EnergyPack QS: Versatile Power Distribution Solutions Transforming Energy Storage

The mtu EnergyPack QS is engineered with exceptional versatility, designed to meet a wide range of use cases including peak shaving, renewable energy integration, self-consumption, frequency control, voltage regulation, load shifting, microgrid, and island operation. This transformative solution revolutionizes energy storage across various sectors, delivering optimized performance to fulfill diverse needs.

Industrial Manufacturing  

Bringing efficiency and reliability to industrial manufacturing processes, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimized energy usage.

Mining Operations  

In mining, where power reliability is crucial, a sustainable energy
solution enhances productivity and reduces operational costs.

Public Sectors  

Public sectors advance sustainability efforts, diminish carbon footprints, and guarantee dependable power provision to vital infrastructure, fostering benefits for communities and the environment.


Benefiting from promotion of sustainability initiatives, reduction of carbon footprint, and ensuring reliable power supply in critical

Grid Services    

Contributing to grid services by providing flexibility, resilience, and
responsiveness to dynamic energy demands, ensuring a sustainable energy future.

Independent Power Providers

Relying on scalable and reliable energy solutions, enabling them to meet diverse customer needs efficiently.

Remote Communities    

Benefiting from gaining access to reliable and sustainable energy
solutions, improving quality of life and economic opportunities.

EV Charging

Independent energy providers rely on scalable EV charging solutions to meet diverse customer needs across different regions of the world, ensuring efficient and reliable support for charging infrastructure.

Key Features of EnergyPack QS: versatile solutions for diverse applications

Highest power density

Certified plug-and-play design

Relocatable container

Excellent performance

Fully integrated solution including versatile control system

Black-start capability

Seamless integration into Rolls-Royce Microgrid Solutions

Sheltered environment with high robustness

Grid-supporting & Peak shaving

Microgrid use case: Rolls-Royce enhances efficiency and sustainability at german industrial laundry

Rolls-Royce partners with Abel Industrial Laundry in southern Germany, deploying mtu microgrid technology to optimize energy usage with a capacity of 60 tons of laundry per day. By integrating mtu EnergyPack QS and mtu EnergetIQ Plant Manager, carbon footprint has been reduced, and energy independence is achieved.

Rolls-Royce and Abo Wind Power Bavarian Solar Farm with mtu Battery Storage

Rolls-Royce and Abo Wind joined forces once again and launched a
solar farm in Bavaria, Germany, equipped with an mtu EnergyPack QG
large-scale battery storage system. This collaboration assisted to
optimize renewable energy utilization and bolster grid stability.
Discover more about this initiative from the press release:

  • How to increase the share of renewables in the generated electricity while achieving the climate targets
  • How large-scale storage solution can be flexibly adapted to project-specific outputs for customized operations

References: Spremberg

We have provided a Microgrid Solution with a Battery Storage System for automatic backup supply and self-consumption optimization for a residential home and workshop for people with disabilities.


mtu EnergyPack QS, including 6 battery racks, DC/AC inverter, transformer 490 V / 400 V. mtu Microgrid Controller with Weak Grid Application for automatic transition between on-grid and off-grid operation. Integration of PV plant controller and metering devices. Project Management, Commissioning, and testing


Microgrid Solution with a Battery Storage System for automatic backup supply and self-consumption optimization in a residential application.


Spremberg Germany



Installed capacity

250 kVA/ 534 kWh /400 V / LV


October 2023
Commissioning November 2023

Key benefit

4 hour energy backup supply

Technical Data Sheet
mtu ENERGYPACK QS Download (PDF 1 MB)

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mtu EnergyPack: the scalable all-in-one solution

Unlock possibilities with power storage. Our versatile EnergyPack optimizes power production, enhances grid management, and fosters stability.

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Microgrid Solutions

Microgrids are decentralized energy systems consisting of a combination of renewable power generation, power storage and conventional power generation in order to meet a given demand.

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mtu EnergetIQ

The mtu EnergetIQ Manager handles island installations and grid parallel installations to offer applications from response market to emergency power.

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Enable Fast and Efficient EV Charging

Revolutionize EV charging with the mtu EnergyPack. Our scalable energy storage solutions ensure fast, efficient charging while preventing grid overloads.

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