mtu NautIQ CoDirect

Wireless remote control.

Wheelhouse control from the best vantage point

Conduct operations from convenient locations

mtu NautIQ CoDirect is a wireless, remote-helm system that controls a vessel’s engines, steering and transmission as well as payload functions

like pumps, winches or cranes. It allows marine crews to operate a vessel from a distance of up to 1000 meters – from the safest vantage point.

Better visibility

Operators can go outside the wheel house and work from places with better visibility, for example, when a small tug is moving a large cargo ship in a crowded port.

Fewer communication errors

With better visibility, the operator of the remote control does not solely rely on guidance from crewmates.

Safer operations

The vessel can perform tasks in potentially hazardous conditions while the operator controls ship position from the safest vantage point.

Lower costs

Thanks to optimized manpower utilization and through precision-control leading to fewer in-service incidents.

Force multiply

Operating from outside the wheelhouse creates new capabilities for the crew and vessels, such as operating multiple vessels simultaneously.

Intuitive equipment for remote navigation

mtu NautIQ CoDirect consists of an onboard enclosure and a remote user interface. The two elements are connected by a secure radio link with a 1000-meter range.
The onboard enclosure connects to the vessel’s engines, steering, transmission and auxiliaries plus payload controls for elements such as fire pumps, sonar, winches, cranes, ROV or a moonpool.
The user interface has joysticks for gear and throttle, a steering knob, 11 assignable switches and a color LCD screen. It can be worn as a beltpack.
mtu NautIQ CoDirect has regulatory approval from the United States Coast Guard (USCG), the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Bureau Veritas (BV).

Remote control applications

Remote helm control adds visibility, safety and efficiency to many types of marine operations:
  • Tugboats
  • Pushboats
  • Tenders Response vessels
  • Target boats
  • Offshore daughter craft (LARS)

Flexibility, visibility and safety

mtu NautIQ CoDirect provides a flexible solution to common challenges from the field and creates operational advantages.

More visibility for tugboats and pushboats

In many cases, tugboats have limited visibility from the wheelhouse during complex maneuvers, such as dockings. mtu NautIQ CoDirect allows crews to perform the primary control from practical vantage points, such as the dock or the deck of the main vessel. For pushboats, mtu NautIQ CoDirect allows the master to control thrusters from the front of the barge train.

Enabling safer emergency response

Dangerous response missions such as marine fires, spills and search-and-rescue operations can benefit from using a remotely controlled vessel to avoid putting crews at risk. Survey and offshore operations in hazardous environments also require reduced operational risk.  

More efficiency for tenders

Tenders ferrying people and cargo from ship to ship or a harbor to a superyacht can be operated remotely, with minimal crew.

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