Fair Company Award

The Fair Company Award is an initiative of karriere.de, the online portal of Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche. It protects interns, trainees and entry-level employees from being exploited as cheap labor. What’s special about this initiative is the participating companies’ voluntary commitment to observe the Fair Company rules.
At Rolls-Royce Power Systems, all employees without exception -- whether manager, employee or intern -- are treated with respect and trust. As a Fair Company, we undertake to offer fair and sustainable internships. In return for their personal dedication, our interns receive strong support and the most multi-faceted insight possible into a particular business field. We set the highest standards for ourselves in this regard.

We set the highest standards for ourselves in this regard.

  • For example, we do not replace any full-time positions with interns.
  • We do not give applicants internships, leaving them to hope they may eventually get a permanent position.
  • We do not bait interns with the vague prospect of a full-time position.
  • We offer internships primarily for the purpose of introducing people to a profession.
  • We provide our interns with appropriate compensation.

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