Fair Company Award

The Fair Company Initiative was founded by Handelsblatt and has been protecting interns ever since, interns and young professionals from being exploited as cheap labour. The special feature of the initiative is the voluntary commitment of the participating companies on the recognition of fair company rules. Without exception, we have always valued and trusted all employees - whether manager, employee or intern.

Now the initiative has repositioned itself and expanded its target group, so that today, interns, trainees, working students, dual students, dissertations, career starters after graduation as well as applicants with first work experience are included. Furthermore, the focus today is on the expectations of generations Y and Z to an attractive employer and to making sure that both applicants and the general public have transparency and orientation.

We set the highest standards for ourselves:

  • We maintain an open, constructive and mutual feedback culture
  • We treat all employees equally.
  • We promote diversity and equal opportunities
  • We do not put off applicants for a permanent position with an internship.
  • We do not lure interns with the vague prospect of a full-time position.
  • We offer internships primarily for professional orientation.
  • We pay our interns an appropriate remuneration.

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