Protect and lubricate.

Why are genuine oils so important?

Engine oils play a vital role in protecting engines and systems. Our full line of genuine mtu oils is formulated specifically for mtu equipment based on intensive research.

As the only oils approved by mtu for use in mtu engines, mtu oils ensure optimum performance by protecting your engine from harmful wear, corrosion and particles. Every component is designed and engineered to meet mtu’s legendary standards.

Prevents wear

mtu diesel and gas engine oils lubricate your engine’s moving parts, including piston, crank and camshaft, to prevent wear. Lubricating oil creates a separating film between surfaces, minimizing direct contact between moving parts and decreasing abrasion.

Fights corrosion

Special anticorrosive additives in the oil defend your engine from grid and surface breakup.

Heat dissipation

Moving engine parts cause friction which wastes otherwise useful power by converting energy to heat. mtu engine oils help dissipate heat and together with the coolant, cools the engine and prevents overheating.

Evacuation of particles

A clean engine is an efficient engine. However, working conditions can produce abrasive microscopic particles and soot. High-quality additives in mtu oil (dispersants and detergents) absorb these harmful particles and circulate them through the oil circuit to the oil filter, where they are removed.

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