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Good as new

Your mtu equipment was built to last thanks to mtu's legendary high engineering standards and unwavering commitment to service and support. And after a long and productive life, mtu provides options to help you go even further.

Provided by the same experts who built your original engine or system, mtu Factory Reman and Overhaul Solutions return your equipment to like-new condition—delivering the same high standards of performance, service life and quality as comparable new mtu products. And for added confidence, we provide fixed pricing and turnaround times up front and back your restored mtu equipment with a full factory warranty.

Factory Reman and Overhaul Solutions deliver the same high standards of performance and support thanks to our rigorous restoration process. While the decision to undergo a reman or overhaul will be determined by your mtu engine series, engine type and supporting mtu service expert, each solution delivers unique benefits based on your engine series and original production date.

Factory Reman Solutions

Factory remanufactured products help you minimize downtime and take advantage of fixed pricing and fixed lead times. They’re faster than an individual overhaul and less expensive than new equipment. Remanufactured products deliver the same high standards of performance, service life and quality as new mtu products, along with identical warranty coverage. And with design and model-related updates, they also feature similar technological advancements.

Factory Overhaul Solutions

Factory Overhauls return your original equipment to like-new condition, delivering the same high standards of performance, service life and quality as the original new product. Factory Overhauls are provided by the same experts who built your original equipment, utilizing the same rigorous standards as our factory remanufacturing process. As a result, your complete system, including gearboxes, loose parts (oil cooler, etc.) and automation/electronics, is fully restored. Valid for Series 183, 396, 493, 538, 595, 652, 956, 1163 and various Defense engines.

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Factory Reman and Overhaul Solutions

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Training is a great way to become proficient with mtu engines and systems and get maximum efficiency from your equipment. From preventive maintenance to diagnostics and repair, our training programs provide a hands-on learning experience with knowledgeable, expert trainers.

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Genuine Spare Parts

Only mtu can guarantee genuine replacement parts that are designed, tested and approved specifically for mtu engines and systems. Genuine parts maximize performance, prolong engine life and meet today’s strict requirements.

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Genuine consumables

Genuine mtu filters, oils and coolants from mtu work in perfect harmony with your equipment to maximize its performance, prolong its life and protect it—making them an essential part of your preventive maintenance program.

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