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Posted on April 10, 2015 by Yvonne Wirth, Images by Terex

The front-discharge configuration is a concrete-mixer arrangement rarely seen around the world outside the USA.
United States of America

How about this for a look? Not the distinctive US-flag design. No, the front-discharge configuration is a concrete-mixer arrangement rarely seen around the world outside the USA. Elsewhere, the cement trucks with the mixer at the back are a much more common sight. But in America, front-discharge types like the Terex are not at all unusual. The concrete mixer sits right behind the cab and the discharge chute is directly above the driver's head. Although rear-discharge mixers are cheaper, front-discharge designs offer a number of advantages. The concrete mix is made up of Portland cement, water and aggregate as usual and delivered ready-mixed to the building site. The biggest difference is the discharge spout is longer than on a conventional rear-discharge mixer. That means the driver is able to drive right up to where the concrete is needed. And the concrete can be deposited in exactly the right place with the aid of the hydraulically controlled chute. That saves a lot of time. So that the Terex front-discharge concrete mixers are able deliver the durability demanded, they are powered by mtu Series 1300 engines with a power output of 260 to 335kW. On these models, the engines are rear-mounted so as to balance out the weight and prevent the vehicle tipping forwards. Front-discharge concrete mixers are used in such situations as the construction of houses, schools, hospitals, dams, motorways and railway systems, for example.

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