We supply world-class power solutions with complete life-cycle support for infrastructure applications worldwide.

Our mission is to develop power generation solutions that are ever cleaner and ever smarter and thereby respond to the challenges posed by societal demands for green energy.

Power Generation Solutions

We deliver a wide range of solutions to ensure reliable power, from standby power solutions to microgrids. More than 60 years of power generation systems expertise and over a century of diesel engine engineering experience have enabled us to provide complete solutions all over the globe. 

Customers trust us to provide reliable power for a wide range of applications, such as healthcare, data centers, airports, farms and independent power stations. Our product portfolio covers diesel generator sets for 50 Hz markets up to 4,000 kVA and for 60 Hz markets up to 3,250 kWe. Furthermore we offer gas-powered cogeneration systems up to 2,500 kWe.    

Expert planning

We analyze your company in detail so that we know your ideal solution and can avoid problems in the future.

Intelligent development

Our wealth of experience allows us to guarantee the development and delivery of your power solution.

Optimum installation

Our experts install your power supply, including integrating it with the local power grid and control network.


We offer round-the-clock maintenance solutions to ensure that your MTU generator is operating at optimum levels.

Finding solutions to keep you connected

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions that you can rely on a never-ending supply of power for all your needs.

Standby Power

MTU backup generator sets are engineered to ensure an uninterrupted power supply in the event of grid or utility outage.

Continuous + CHP / prime / grid stability power solutions

Continuous power solutions are designed for long term use. They operate as island, island-parallel or grid-parallel applications and can also be used for combined heat and power (CHP) generation. Prime power applies to those places where utility power is unreliable, and grid stability power focuses on providing additional short-term power.

Microgrids & Hybrid solutions

Microgrids combine the advantages of renewable energies with the stability of conventional power generation systems such as cogeneration modules and diesel gensets.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

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