Power Generation

mtu EnergetIQ

The brain of your power plant.

The mtu EnergetIQ Manager optimizes your power plant’s performance, by seamlessly integrating its diverse assets and automating the control of power generation, storage, and demand. With the mtu Asset Controller you can easily control and monitor the functional-level of your mtu EnergyPack.

System-wide services

  • One easy-to-use interface for all the different types of equipment.
  • Simple connection to other systems and customize the settings.
  • Enables control and record-keeping of who has access to the equipment and manager functions.
  • IT security concepts according to project specific analysis.

Data management

  • Managing and analyzing data related to connected assets, switchgear, and the power grid.
  • SQL database that can be accessed through web-based query technology.
  • Modular data analysis, which means you can analyze the data in different ways depending on your needs.Data visualization and reporting through dashboards and interactive reports.


  • Real-time control, monitoring and protection.
  • Analytics to assess the condition of assets.
  • Coverage of multiple applications, including reserve market, energy storage control, spinning reserve, load shedding, and sector interconnection.
  • Trend report generation with preset and customizable layouts.

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The information display presents all relevant data on a single screen, incorporating assets such as gensets, battery energy storage systems, photovoltaics, and more. The presentation is clear and easily understandable, with systemwide states, alarms, and relevant power data included. Additionally, users can customize the display to their individual preferences with region-specific settings for colors and symbols.

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