mtu FracPack with Series 4000 T95

97% transmission efficiency.

The new mtu FracPack is a complete solution, built to meet the high demands and tough conditions of the well service industry. While all of its components are engineered to work together to ensure optimum performance and maximum uptime, the true strength of the mtu FracPack comes from its powerful Series 4000 engine and lightweight ZF transmission. The Series 4000 is the only frac engine which meets Tier 4 standards without aftertreatment.  

And with an increased power output of 2,250-2,600 bhp, the Series 4000 T95 provides more low-end torque, which improves acceleration and also expands the utilization of the frac pump’s performance map. The lightweight and durable transmission is the perfect accompaniment, providing a wide, full range of gears (speeds) and maximum input torque of 7,744 lb-ft (10,500 Nm). Working seamlessly together, these key components translate to reliability and outstanding performance – even under the toughest fracking conditions.  

With no torque converter and its new state-of-the-art design, the mtu FracPack delivers unsurpassed efficiency during operation – up to 97% transmission efficiency. It also enables smoother shifting, which results in no loss in discharge pressure or flow. Having fewer components also reduces the complexity of the transmission as a whole, allowing for simpler maintenance and lowering costs.

97 %

Transmission efficiency

180 million

Proven in the field; the Series 4000 has accumulated 180 million operating hours in the field since 1996.

1,939 kW

The new maximum power output

Series 4000 T95 Frac Engine

This mtu engine is the only one that meets EPA Tier 4 requirements for emission control without any additional aftertreatment. That enables a compact design, light weight and leads to easy transportation and deployment. The optimized power output now ranges from 2.250 to 2.600 bhp and this performance in turn improves the utilization of the frac pumps. This maximum performance is even available up to heights of 13.000 ft (4.000 m).* An ideal power-to-weight ratio is combined with easy integration with existing oil and gas equipment.

*Dependent on air intake temperature. To be confirmed.

ZF transmission

The mtu FracPack provides a full and wide range of gears, enabling fast acceleration and top speeds. It utilizes its full engine torque curve of 7,744 lb-ft and has a low weight of only 1,350 kg.

mtu BackPack

mtu also offers optional equipment for your FracPack as an additional frame or a muffler to reduce noise. Intake tubes and air filters are also available with the mtu BackPack.

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