Power Generation

The mtu Natural gas-powered Series 4000

Economical, sustainable, reliable and flexible. Power range 776 - 2,535 kWe (50Hz) / 762 – 2521kWe (60Hz)
Power Generation

The mtu Natural gas-powered Series 4000

Economical, sustainable, reliable and flexible. Power range 776 - 2,535 kWe (50Hz) / 762 – 2521kWe (60Hz)
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The new Series 4000 natural gas genset offers the highest power density in its class. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the new Series 4000 natural gas genset is optimized for maximum performance and low emissions to deliver an economical, reliable, and sustainable source of power. Discover how its performance and flexibility exceed expectations.  

30 %

Improvement in power density

776-2,535 kW

Power range

44,4 %

Improved efficiency

35 %

Continous allowed low load operation

<120 sec

Fast start option

84.000 oH

Lifetime to major overhaul (TBO)

Gas Generator Sets Basic Benefits

Operational Flexibility

A significant reduction in nitrous oxide emissions makes the natural gas genset a perfect fit for independent power producers (IPP) and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. With part-load performance down to 35% and a fast start option, the gas genset's operational flexibility is also ideal for demand response applications. Low emissions - 250 mg/Nm³, 500mg/Nm³, (@5% O2)NOx – are achieved without external aftertreatment, even meeting the new expected German unburned THC emissions legislation (<1300mg@5%O2).

30% More Power

The natural gas genset has an effective engine power of 130 kWm/cylinder – the highest power density in its class thanks to its compact design and small footprint. It offers superb performance at high temperatures and high humidity for use anywhere in the world and delivers 30% more power than its predecessor.

Low Lifecycle Costs

All natural gas genset components are fine-tuned to ensure long service lives and deliver maximum uptime. Long service intervals and easy-to-maintain components mean low maintenance costs. Fast availability of spare parts and low engine oil consumption also help keep the new gas genset lifecycle costs lower overall, with cylinder head lifetimes potentially equivalent to TBO.

Up To 44.4% Efficiency

The natural gas genset achieves efficiencies of up to 44.4%, delivering a significant improvement in fuel/energy utilization at high temperatures.  The gas-powered Series 4000 gives you more power in less space while reducing fuel and maintenance costs, especially designed for hot and humid conditions.


Ignition System

Ignition systems for individual cylinders allow for the most efficient level of operation for all cylinders, even with variable CH4 content. The ignition system gives information on the state of the spark plugs.

Heat Recovery Unit

Well proven design perfectly suits the genset and provides the basis for optimized auxiliary efficiencies. The unit is fully integrated in the automation concept and is both safe and certified (CE).


Perfectly tuned to the engine and made by renowned manufacturers, the generator ensures a high level of reliability and optimum efficiency.

Digitally Connected

The system is equipped with a data logger providing access to digital solutions, including remote monitoring, fast and reliable service support and – coming soon – further features such as predictive failure prevention and operational optimization.

Automation Systems MIP & MMC

Motor interface panel (MIP) with stand-alone mtu Module Control (MMC). The MMC provides all the functions necessary for controlling the system. All the auxiliary drives required for the CHP system can be operated from here. The integrated power circuitry minimizes the customer’s need for cabling on site.

Power unit & Knock Detection

Cylinder-specific knock detection and regulation protect the engine from abnormal operating conditions, and guarantee safe operation even with natural gas containing low levels of methane. No additional exchange of cylinder heads necessary before Life-Time (TBO).

mtu Module Control

System Monitoring – Anytime

We supply you with the complete system engineering package for your installation. One of the most important aspects is the control system technology. If the generator set is the heart of the system, then the module controller (MMC) is its brain. Our industrial computer-controlled and reliable electronics monitor the engine and the overall system to ensure optimum operation. The most important features are:

  • Drive and control via PLC (programmable logic controller)
  • Operation and visual display by means of industrial PC and touch-screen panel with color display
  • Visual display of all functional processes and controls
  • Numerous additional controls and functions can be integrated (CH4, gas tank, heat production mode, heat storage, mains power usage)
  • Networking of multi-module systems via Ethernet
  • Ability to be linked with master control system
  • Wide choice of interface protocols (Ethernet, Profibus DP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Profinet)
  • Logging of all fault and status messages in a database (data can be recorded)
  • Optional remote diagnosis via DSL
  • Optional integration of SMS/email client (notification of faults, daily reporting of all meter readings)

CHP Project Planning

Individual advice for individual solutions

Our support for your individual CHP system. Choosing the appropriate CHP system for your demands depends on various factors. That is why we offer you comprehensive support, all the way from the project conception to implementation.

  • Help with planning your new CHP module
  • Expertise to help you incorporate the CHP module into your application
  • Explanations of the technology behind the engine, system and individual components
  • Proposal complete with budget price for planning stage and fixed price for implementation
  • Design and planning of peripheral systems
  • Advice on service solutions during the project stage
  • Help with questions on legal situations (EEG, formaldehyde bonus)

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

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The Gas-powered Series 4000. Economical, Sustainable, Reliable, Flexible.

Economical, Sustainable, Reliable, Flexible

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