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How we protect the environment and DNA samples from around the world

Posted on November 12, 2020

mtu Kinetic PowerPack for world's leading institutes and organizations in genomics and computational biology ensuring uninterruptable power to overcome some of humanity's most significant challenges.


Wellcome Trust Sanger Genome Campus


Dynamic UPS


To establish energy saving and reduce carbon emissions


Hinxton, England


The Wellcome Trust Sanger Genome Campus in Hinxton (England) is home to some of the world's leading institutes in genomics and computational biology, committed to delivering life-changing science with the reach, scale, and imagination to overcome some of humanity's most significant challenges.

Their IT infrastructure is one of the most advanced in the world and contains data research from every corner of the world that must be accessible at all times. The key challenges in this project were retaining the beautiful natural scenery and completion of the scheme with a reduced carbon footprint.


To achieve the latter, Campus Facilities Management and staff have worked together to establish energy saving and recycling initiatives and like so, strive to reduce carbon emissions. As part of this aim, they have gained ISO 14001 accreditation. As managing energy costs is obviously good practice, businesses try to predict the events and reduce energy consumption during these periods.

But perhaps more importantly, the battery-free smaller footprint solution, now branded as mtu Kinetic PowerPack after Rolls-Royce acquired the former Kinolt S.A., includes the facility to participate in peak shaving schemes, choosing a self-evident one. Although peak shaving is a secondary function and is immediately aborted when the input mains fall out of tolerance, spare capacity in the dynamic UPS output can be utilized to reduce total site demand from the utility supplier.


Two dynamic UPS systems were designed, built, and installed in three months, supervised by Richard Eve, our Technical Manager in the UK. Each dynamic UPS unit, equipped with top-of-the-line engine exhaust silencers and noise control equipment, is housed in a ground floor purpose built acoustic enclosure rated at 65dBA @1m in conditioning mode and 75dBA @1m in the engine running mode.

The controls for each system are housed in a separate switch room enclosure on the first floor, which also contains a close fit 11kV substation with a Schneider ringmaster and ANAN transformer. An underbelly fuel tank located underneath the D-UPS supports the unit for 48 hours of operation of the engine at a 75% load. All of the above is now supported and serviced by our service personnel. The units are remotely monitored, and any incident will be noticed by Rolls-Royce’s unique HMI, KS® VISION.

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