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Fast ship as an alternative to the helicopter.

Posted on April 13, 2021 by Lucie Maluck

High-speed crew transport vessel from Damen revolutionizes offshore crew change business model.
Probably everyone has experienced it at some point in the past year of the pandemic: There's really something to celebrate - but the Corona protection measures prevent that. This was also the case for the employees of the Damen shipyard in Turkey. They presented a revolutionary crew change vessel with mtu Series 4000 engines that actually deserved a big celebration. But the party failed to materialize. Pride certainly did not.

The Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011 is designed to take crews to offshore platforms to the high seas and back again. Damen promises to revolutionize the crew business model with it. For platforms located farther from shore, this market is currently dominated by helicopters. The new Damen vessel offers an alternative which is more cost effective, more efficient and with the highest safety standards.

Comfort comes first

Four 20-cylinder mtu engines of the type 4000 M73L propel the 70-meter-long monohull to a maximum speed of 40 knots (74 kilometers per hour). The engines provide 3,600 kW each and are particularly notable for their reliability and power delivery.

To increase passenger comfort even at high speeds, Damen has integrated numerous technologies into the ship to compensate for its movements. For example, the bow of the ship has been designed to significantly reduce the slamming of waves. Damen also incorporated interceptors in the stern to reduce both pitching and rolling motions while underway. A dynamic positioning system and a tailor-made gangway from Ampelmann further leads to a ground breaking crew change solution able to operate in a broad weather window.

Sensors throughout the vessel also allow operators to monitor operations remotely. As a result, maintenance can be better planned and the vessel can be operated more efficiently, leading to lower fuel consumption and therefore lower emissions of pollutants. 

The Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011 is designed to take crews to offshore platforms to the high seas and back again.

Groundbreaking solution being tested in Turkey

The shipyard itself speaks of a groundbreaking solution for the offshore energy market. The vessel is currently being tested in Turkey and will then sail to the Netherlands, where the gangway will be installed after which a test program will be started out of Den Helder.


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