Power Control

mtu PowerControl Automation is a modern interface module with cutting-edge design and optimum connectivity.

mtu's PowerControl Automation System is truly visionary and packed full of benefits to improve your efficiency. It is designed to optimize the control, regulation and monitoring of the entire drive system. The modular system ensures that the drive system can be adapted to specific and complex operating conditions that occur in railway applications. It is a way of maintaining control, whatever situation and conditions you find yourself in. Available interfaces to the vehicle control system includes:

  • CAN-Bus interface with CANopen or SAE J1939 protocols
  • 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX Ethernet
  • 24V DC binary inputs and outputs
  • 0-5V DC / 0-10V DC / 4-20mA analog inputs and outputs

High power efficiency

The module enables you to make the most of your engine, ensuring that power is not wasted.

Minimum fuel consumption

Save in lifetime costs in the long term with reduced fuel consumption.

Environmentally friendly

Benefit from reduced exhaust emissions that are significantly below the statutory requirements.


Flexible, standardized interface solutions mean that you can make the system work for your needs.

mtu PowerControl Automation enables a wide range of features.

Simple integration

Can be integrated with new vehicle control systems or converted with existing systems.

Flexible adjustment

Capability to suit the specific vehicle, its components and project-specific requirements.

Automatic power adjustment

Or, if required, the engine can be shut down via the integrated safety system as well as all other required monitoring and safety functions.

Power management

The built-in automatic system ensures that maximum available drive power is always available.

Maximum uptime

Performs even in tough operating conditions, including extremes of heat, cold, airborne dust and water spray.

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