Clean engines. Pure performance.

Why are genuine filters so important?

As the only filters approved by mtu for use in mtu engines, mtu filters are tested to provide high quality filtration. Every component is designed and engineered to meet mtu’s legendary standards.

High-quality filtration

Protects critical engine areas from harmful particles and contaminants that can cause premature wear and reduce component life.

Formulated specifically for mtu engines

Rigorously tested and approved by mtu for use in mtu engines and systems.

Reliable performance and long life

Designed to resist premature plugging and resist collapse, even under severe duty.

Air Filters

Fuel and air are the essential ingredients for engine combustion. And modern diesel engines require impeccably clean air in order to breathe. This presents a huge challenge at many worksites, where dust, sand, moisture, soot, pollen and many other substances are constantly present. Without adequate filtration, engine performance will undoubtedly suffer. There’s only one way to ensure optimum protection in the harsh conditions and remote locations where mtu engines work: genuine mtu air filters.

Fuel Filters

Advanced fuel system technologies such as common rail enable mtu engines to deliver more power from less fuel - with lower emissions. These technological advancements use high injection pressures to achieve target performance levels and emissions standards, placing extraordinary demands on fuel quality. Any potential contaminant that might lead to abrasive damage at the high injection pressures must be controlled.

Oil Filters

As the only oil filters approved for use in mtu engines, mtu oil filters provide almost perfect particle separation by retaining even the smallest particulates. By limiting the concentration of solid contaminants in the lube oil, unwanted changes in oil consistency and viscosity are prevented, and oil quality and effectiveness are protected. This maximizes engine power and operating efficiency throughout the oil change interval.

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