Green Hydrogen

Transforming core industries with sustainable innovation.

As energy demands become increasingly complex, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to the energy crisis. However, we believe that green hydrogen is a game-changer. That's why we offer scalable hydrogen production solutions and have made our core products ready for hydrogen and hydrogen-derivative fuels. With our help, our clients can reduce their emissions and contribute to a better future for everyone:

We are a solutions provider

Building a diversified portfolio of sustainable technologies is the only way to effectively address the energy challenges we currently confront.

We develop cutting-edge technology

Based on over a century of technical know-how, we are developing the sustainable technology of the future.

We transform core industries

The transition to green hydrogen and conversion of existing engines to sustainable fuels is a crucial step in making core industries more environmentally friendly and improving their carbon footprint.

A renewable cross-sectoral energy system

We offer comprehensive energy systems that deliver reliable, efficient, and sustainable power solutions for various applications, supporting a cross-sectoral and diverse energy system necessary for the future of green transport and energy.

The key role of green hydrogen in creating a sustainable future

Green hydrogen is paving the way for hard-to-electrify sectors to go green.

Refining: Remove impurities such as sulfur and to convert heavy crude oil into lighter products like gasoline.

Synthetic fuel: Combined with carbon dioxide to produce synthetic fuels like methanol or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which can be used as a low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Ammonia: Key ingredient to produce ammonia, which is then used as a fertilizer and in various chemical processes.

Mobility: Used to power fuel cell vehicles, offering a zero-emission alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel engines.

Methanol: Production of methanol, used in a range of industrial applications including as a feedstock for plastics and potentially as sustainable fuel for marine.

Grid Services: Used in grid services to store excess renewable energy and provide backup power during peak demand periods.

Steel: Reducing agent in direct reduction process for iron ore

Off-Grid Power: provide power in off-grid applications in combination with renewable energies, particularly in remote or rural areas

Industrial high-grade heat: Used as a fuel to produce high-grade heat for industrial processes, particularly in applications where electrification is not feasible.

Expanding from engine production to hydrogen production

Leveraging our expertise in manufacturing and servicing power generation systems, we are developing an electrolyzer with superior performance and high hydrogen output pressure.

mtu Electrolyzer module for scalable hydrogen solutions

By utilizing a mass-produced module as the foundation for integrated systems and 3rd party integration, we can address customer requests across a wide range of small- to large-scale systems.

  • Standardized, mass productible modul
  • Cost-effective serialized manufacturing at scale
  • Easy system integration based on predefined scope and interfaces  

The mtu Electrolyzer - your solution for onsite hydrogen production

Our modular PEM electrolyzer is specifically designed for decentralized onsite hydrogen production, making it a perfect fit for refueling stations and small-scale industrial demand. Offering high flexibility, efficiency, and H2 pressure, our electrolyzer boasts a small footprint and scalability, making it easily compatible with decentralized renewable energies. Choose the mtu Electrolyzer for reliable and efficient hydrogen production, tailored to your specific requirements.

Modular PEM system

based on high-performance Hoeller stack technology

Fully integrated system

incl. waste heat rejection, water purification & on-roof cooling

Safety concept

for electrical safety, explosion protection, fire detection

Automated control

and digital connectivity

The mtu Hydrogen Engine

We are retrofitting our proven engine platform mtu Series 4000 to run solely on 100% hydrogen fuel, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Zero-carbon, pollution-free energy with mtu fuel cells

Experience the future of clean, net zero power generation with mtu fuel cell solutions. Whether it's aboard ships, in data centers, or in hospitals, our cutting-edge technology is designed to provide reliable, mega-watt range power wherever energy is needed. Our initial mtu fuel cell system in Friedrichshafen, Germany is already generating power seamlessly, and we're also working on innovative fuel cell systems for ships. With the flexibility of a diesel genset, mtu fuel cells are paving the way to a greener, more sustainable future.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

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