MTU Submarine engines

The more specific and complex the demands, the more important and valuable expertise and experience are. For decades, we have been setting quality and performance standards for submarine technology.

Submarines are an indispensable component of nearly every fleet, taking on a number of tasks – from protecting territorial waters to gathering information on an international scale. Few manufacturers are in the position to fulfill the extremely high technical demands that are placed on submarine systems and engines. As a trusted partner of shipyards, ship designers and Navies, we have been perfecting propulsion systems for conventional submarines for decades. In fact, most conventional submarines around the world use MTU engines.

Our newly developed charging unit - based on the MTU Series 12V 4000 - addresses advanced submarine system requirements by improving on the efficiencies of the typical submarine engine. In addition to the main propulsion system, we also offer complete power supply systems with individual generators and mounting systems. Also, they are specifically optimized to meet your needs for shock proofing, acoustics and EMC and available magnetically compensated - just as our engines are.

Cutting-edge technology

Submarines operating at lowest acoustic as well as magnetic and infrared signatures.

Unparalled engineering

High power-to-weight ratio and low specific fuel consumption due to our turbocharging.

The next fully qualified evolution.

In 2009, MTU’s partnership-based corporate strategy provided the impulse for the development of the current generation of submarine engines – based on the successful 4000 model range.

The MTU 4000 model range has been extremely successful in various commercial applications for 20 years.
Over 40,000 of these engines have been supplied to date, including over 5,000 in marine application alone. The total service life of all of these engines together comes to an incredible 180 million operating hours! 

A pedigree of success

Submarines have been powered by MTU diesel engines for more than 50 years.

20+ Naval Fleets

Globally, over 20 naval forces have equipped their submarine fleets with MTU diesel engines.

Preferred Partner

For many of these customers, we are also the preferred partner for the development of the electric power generation systems for their submarines.

Conventional & Nuclear

Applications include both conventional and nuclear submarines.

600+ Engines

Significantly more than 600 submarine engines have been supplied.

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